Denny Murray Was Our Hero

The man who owned the stud stallions Rambling Boy and Rising Light
And who was widely known as the man to kill the blight
In fancy i do see Denny Murray today
On horse drawn sprayer spraying the potato gardens from here far away

Though of love he did have a few flings in his life
Denny Murray he did not have children or wife
From his late teens to his mid fifties he lived on the wild side
And beyond Ballydaly became known far and wide

As well as a character quite a likeable and generous bloke
And many a Guinness he drank and many a cigarette did smoke
No better than he was to tell a good joke
And prolonged bouts of laughter he often did provoke

Often in the dark of the night when the pubs had closed down
On his horse drawn cart he sang his his way home to Ballydaly Lower from Millstreet Town
Until death in all who knew him good memories of him will remain
There will not be one quite like him in Ballydaly again

In his fifties he went to live in Newmarket and it is said he gave the drinking of alcohol away
And though i know he is long deceased i am not sure where his last remains lay
He drank hard and smoked hard and worked hard when in his life’s prime
Till eventually he too became a victim of time

He told jokes and stories and old songs he sung
Denny Murray was our hero in days when we were young
The money he worked so hard for he freely did spend
And to many in financial trouble he was a good friend.


” Denny Murray Was Our Hero” is by Francis Duggan

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