Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly died on the 4th April here in Corby, Northamptonshire. He was aged 74. He came from Bantry but he worked in Millstreet in the early 60s (I think he was a mechanic at Lucys garage). He played football with the Millstreet football team and I’m sure there are some people who will remember him. He stayed with the Burkes in Murphy’s Terrace. Tommy will remember him. His wife is Rose. She comes from Cork city. Her grandmother was a teacher in Shrone school back in the late 40s, early 50s.

With thanks to Donal O’Regan (formerly from Ballydaly) for this notice

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  1. I remember Robert Kelly, He worked in Lucey’s garage in the stores & played a saxophone in a band we formed in the sixties with des & john palmer, Pat monaghan, Jerry Cronin (the swallow) myself Denis Murphy, We didn’t make into the big time unfortunately Lol, Robert was a true gentleman May he rest in peace.

    Denis Murphy

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