LTV2 Millstreet Programme 254 Now Online

LTV2 Millstreet Programme 254 is Now Online, Happy Viewing and enjoy our latest Programme

Programme Schedule:
0:00 Music
2:18 Ini Usanga and Amar(?) from Love and Care for People Worldwide are interviewed by Seán Radley
11:00 Billy O’Brien sings My Lovely Rose of Clare
14:45 Matt Keane sings
17:30 Direct from the Launch of the 20th year of Millstreet Country Park
— 17:30 Seán Radley interviews Donal Howard, manager of the Park. They show the refurbished centre in the park, and more.
— 24:25 Music by the Linehan Family and friends at the Country Park
— 28:17 Interview with Janice Sheehan, Derry Sheehan, and designer Maura Hunter, about the changes in the park
— 34:50 Eily Buckley talks about the area before it became the park;
— 36:40 Interview with Eleanor Leahy of Nibbles, on the plans
— 38:00 interview with Fr James McSweeney
— 39:55 interview with Orla Giltenin
— 42:35 The new park rover for giving people tours of the park
46:15 The Buold Thady Quill sung by Declan Nerney and band
48:58 end of the programme

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