Golden Eagles nesting on Church Spire

2014-04-01 ge
A young male golden eagle

The last few weeks have seen a pair of large birds appear to be nesting just under the bell on the spire of St.Patrick’s Church, Millstreet. We are delighted to reveal now that they are none other than a pair of Golden Eagles.

It’s very unusual to see them, as outlines – “Currently being re-introduced into Donegal (since 2001). Wandering birds from this project have been observed in upland areas throughout Ireland.”

Ornithologist Seán O’Connor of Birdwatch Ireland visited yesterday and was thrilled because it looks like the birds are nesting which is very rare in Ireland. The male was seen returning to the nest a few times during the day, presumably bringing food to the female who would be incubating the eggs in the nest. For now, people have been asked not to go near or disturb the nest in any way, and we’ll have to wait and see if chicks will appear in a few weeks.

The hope is that we will be able to link a webcam of the nest to the system that broadcasts masses to the community from St.Patrick’s Church.

5 thoughts on “Golden Eagles nesting on Church Spire”

  1. Thats brillant news
    Just saw on Breaking News that Santa is moving his entire manufacturing operation to Millstreet Country Park (oh deer)
    This is due to global warming at the North Pole
    IDA Ireland fought off intense competition from across the globe to win this prestigious contract
    IRD were also very involved
    Surely Enda will bring the entire cabinet down for the offical opening
    And an election around the corner
    What luck
    This could be bigger than the Eurovision

  2. Michael, I hope you have your camera recording events at the church…not the eagles..the pigeons you caught..:-)

  3. Golden Eagles Nesting In Millstreet Town – Poem by Francis Duggan

    Golden eagles nesting in Millstreet under the bell of Millstreet Town church spire quite amazing indeed
    Methought the one who witnessed this had a bit too much of dizzy weed
    But then strange stories we read and hear of every day
    And anything is possible in life as they do say

    On an article he published on the Millstreet Website
    Of a pair of golden eagles nesting under the church spire Michael Cashman did write
    An amazing story that has traveled far and wide
    Beyond the borders of Duhallow’s green old countryside

    Sean Radley online posted images of Liam Flynn with binoculars viewing the church spire
    But of looking upwards Liam Quickly did tire
    Noreen Higgins and Mary O Sullivan were also looking upwards but all they did see
    Was a crow on the spire of the church of Millstreet Town enjoying the scenery

    But the surprised look on their faces left a lot to be desired
    Though from a hoax many an amazing story is inspired
    One might say quite a good show of make believe
    Though not everyone is easy for to deceive

    A story by Michael Cashman that has taken to flame
    That does not seem quite right for want of a better name
    Of golden eagles nesting in Millstreet Town on April Fools Day
    You can fool some but not everyone as the wise one does say.

    Francis Duggan

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