Golden Eagles nesting on Church Spire

2014-04-01 ge
A young male golden eagle

The last few weeks have seen a pair of large birds appear to be nesting just under the bell on the spire of St.Patrick’s Church, Millstreet. We are delighted to reveal now that they are none other than a pair of Golden Eagles.

It’s very unusual to see them, as outlines – “Currently being re-introduced into Donegal (since 2001). Wandering birds from this project have been observed in upland areas throughout Ireland.”

Ornithologist Seán O’Connor of Birdwatch Ireland visited yesterday and was thrilled because it looks like the birds are nesting which is very rare in Ireland. The male was seen returning to the nest a few times during the day, presumably bringing food to the female who would be incubating the eggs in the nest. For now, people have been asked not to go near or disturb the nest in any way, and we’ll have to wait and see if chicks will appear in a few weeks.

The hope is that we will be able to link a webcam of the nest to [read more …] “Golden Eagles nesting on Church Spire”