Fairtrade initiative by Millstreet Community School students

fair trade survey-1Photo: Transition Year students Áine McAuliffe and Cara Sheahan who devised and administered the Fairtrade survey that was completed by proprietors in Millstreet in February 2015

Millstreet Community School Transition Year Fairtrade Group have conducted a survey of Fairtrade products in our local shops and found a great variety available.

Buying Fairtrade labelled products is a powerful way to make a difference to the lives of people in poorer countries. Simply by switching to Fairtrade, you can help lift people out of poverty, at no cost to you. Fairtrade actually changes lives, by eliminating the causes of poverty. It guarantees fair wages; no child labour; environmental sustainability.

Locally available Fairtrade products include flowers, all Cadbury’s chocolate, some Nestlé chocolate, tea, coffee, drinking chocolate, Green and Black chocolate, and a wide variety of fruit. Keep an eye out for these when shopping locally in Coleman’s Centra, Supervalu, Nibbles, Herlihy’s Centra and Aroma.

The T.Y. class hosted a Fairtrade Fest in Millstreet Parish Centre on 28th February, and lots of people showed an interest. The T.Y. group now hope to set up a Fairtrade group here in town with interested people looking to get more involved.

We hope eventually to have Millstreet become a Fairtrade Town. This would raise the profile of the Fairtrade efforts in the area, and get recognition and media coverage for local outlets offering Fairtrade products. See fairtrade.ie for details.
It would be a big help if shops and community groups also got involved.

If you would like to find out more, you can e-mail <email> or phone 029 70087 and give your name and contact details.  Thank you!

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