November In Millstreet

Old Clara is covered in the gray fogs of rain
And brown storm water is gurgling in every roadside drain
And the sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
And cattle in farm sheds are bellowing for silage or hay

The low gray clouds tell that heavy rain is near
To Millstreet in Duhallow in a cold and wet time of year
With the coldness of late Fall in the freshening breeze
And migratory redwing thrushes chirping on deciduous trees

In the Finnow in a subsiding flood of a cold November dawn
The salmon are swimming upriver to spawn
The natural urge for to breed in them overcomes the fear
Of dying in the night by poacher’s gaff or spear

Winter fast approacing four months from the Spring
In November in Millstreet in Duhallow the songbirds do not sing
Seven weeks from the new year and the weather wet and cold
And with every new dawn the old year getting old

The parks of south west Victoria lush and green after recent Spring showers
Are looking resplendent in their Nature’s wild flowers
Where beautiful young women lay in the warm sun improving their tan
In a sight of rare beauty for any idle man

In Millstreet in Duhallow it is a cold November day
In farm yard sheds cattle are bellowing for silage or hay
Old Clara is hidden in the gray fogs of rain
And brown storm water gurgling in every roadside drain.

“November In Millstreet” is by Francis Duggan

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