Stained Glass Angels

The above photo is from Fr James McSweeney’s website It is a close-up of  a small part of the “Adoration of the Magi” stained glass window in St.Patrick’s Church Millstreet. It is by Ireland’s most famous Stained Glass Window maker – Harry Clarke. The colour and detail are fantastic when you realise what you see above is only a small corner of the full window [see a photo of the full window below]. Fr James has a thought for every day and today it is about the Saints:

Today is All Saints Day and it always falls on November 1st, to coincide with Halloween. As Halloween has pagan roots, an attempt was made to make spiritual all the events that surround it. This is where All Saints Day comes in today. On the spiritual calendar it is indeed a special day. It would be a mistake to think today is about famous or celebrity Saints. Today is all about our own loved ones gone on before us who lived decent, honest, simple and down to earth lives. They may not have been famous, they may not have made headlines but in God’s eyes they are now celebrities. These were the people who somehow gave us a glimpse of God in the bits and pieces of their everyday lives. Today we call them saints and we thank them for all the love they have shown us down through the years.

Fr James’ website has a new photo and reflection every day. It is a great place to spend a minute or two every day and to just stop and think.

Adoration of the Magi in St Patricks Church Millstreet – photo by Bill Power Photography

Seán and I were discussing Fr James’ photo today, and we figure that the only time it could have been taken was when the scaffolding was up inside St.Patricks for the restoration back in 2010, around the same time this photo was taken from under the ceiling of the church.

Update 2014-11-06 (mdc): A photo similar to Fr James’ above has been selected by An Post to be used on one of their stamps this Christmas. Wonderful news, see more details in this article

2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Angels”

  1. Hello to all in Millstreet and especially to the wonderful Sean Radley and Colman Culhane.
    It’s nice to be an almost anonymous part of Millstreet history by being the photographer for the stamp. I’ve loved that window from the first moment I saw it. It’s magical, and classic Harric Clarke.

    1. Sincere congratulations, Bill, on such a magnificent honour. I recall meeting with you by sheer chance that Sunday evening at St.Patrick’s Church, Millstreet just before Julie was closing the Church. When Michael Cashman (administrator on our website) alerted me this morning how Millstreet would go global this Christmas because of your photographic gem I remembered how impressed you were that evening with the stained glass windows in our Church. I also recall how you wrote a wonderfully uplifting comment on Trip Advisor following our meal and welcome at the Wallis Arms Hotel later that evening. Like your good self, Colman Culhane has recorded some marvellous photographic gems over the years. I shall attempt to access the pics we took of your visit to Millstreet that Sunday evening and I shall upload on our website to honour this remarkable occasion. Millstreet extends heartfelt thanks, Bill, to you for placing us on the world stage this Christmas!

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