‘Trad for Trocaire’ at Millstreet Community School Library

Next October, students from all year groups, as well as pupils from the national schools will be invited to sing, dance and play traditional music, at the same time as raising funds for Trócaire’s work amongst the poorest of the poor.

On that day the school will be welcoming four visitors from Belgium (two teachers and two lecturers in education). They will be here as part of the European Union funded project called MDG ‘15 that Mr. John Magee (Chaplain, Millstreet Community School) went to India as part of in November 2011. MDG ’15 focuses on the Millennium Development Goals, in particular MDG 7 ‘Ensure Environmental Sustainability’ and MDG 8 ‘Develop a Global partnership for Development’, and the efforts being made to raise awareness about them through schools in UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Senegal, Czech Republic, France and India by development agencies in each country, such as Trócaire in Ireland, and Studio Globo in Belgium. (visit www.mdg15.eu for more information)

Our Belgian visitors will be special guests at the Trad for Trócaire event – it’ll give them a great chance to sample traditional music and culture during their short stay. So put the date in your diary and come along on the evening to enjoy what is sure to be a memorable event.

‘Trad for Trocaire’ in on at Millstreet Community School library on Friday 12th October 2012 at 7.30pm.

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