BTEI Social Studies Course – November

BTEI are running a short FETAC Level 5 Social Studies course in Mallow in early November to service the increased demand for part-time education.  With a huge increase in unemployment, the need for certified up-skilling in a changing workplace is more apparent.

This introductory course offers FETAC Level 5 Social Studies one night per week (7-10pm) over 10 weeks, which aims to give participants an understanding of the core theories and methodologies of Sociology and prepare them for further study at Post Leaving Certificate Colleges in this area.  It is hoped that a second FETAC Level 5 module (Human Growth and Development) will be offered in the New year.

The Back To Education Initiative (BTEI) addresses the need for much greater flexibility in delivering courses to adults who want to achieve certification in their chosen area of study.  As the negative effects of our recession are becoming more real, up-skilling and retraining are crucial.  Accreditation with FETAC acknowledges these skills.  Completion of this course would give the student much greater understanding of Social Studies, especially if pursuing the Level 5 Applied Social Studies course in a PLC College .

BTEI aims to give students an opportunity to combine a return to learning with family, work and other responsibilities.  Anyone who has left full-time education can take part in a BTEI course. Free courses are given to those who have left school early, those in receipt of Social Welfare payments and Medical Card holders.  All others are charged a fee.

Anyone interested in this Social Studies course should contact BTEI, Mallow Return to Education Centre on 022 – 55452.

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  1. If you are after completing FETAC level 6 in Supervision in Childcare with Special Needs would this introduction to Social Studies help to work in other areas of childcare such as the HSE

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