An open invitation from Macroom Toastmasters.

A new member of Macroom Toastmasters from Millstreet suggested we make use of the great resource that is to get the word out there on what we can offer the public. There is a widespread perception that Toastmaster’s is at best all about windbags droning on for hours, and at worst, it involves all sorts of outdated rituals. Neither are true.

Toastmasters is all about helping people to overcome their fear of public speaking, and to help people with their communication skills generally. Examples of where Macroom Toastmasters have helped out some members in the past include:

  • Preparation and performance in job interviews.
  • Work presentations.
  • Wedding speeches.
  • Contribution to groups, such as local meetings.
  • College projects and presentations.

All of the above was achieved in an atmosphere of support. No one is forced to speak at a Toastmaster’s meeting. So if you have any interest, please feel free to come along to a meeting in the Castle Hotel, Macroom, this Thursday 5th of May at 8pm. Or on Thursday 19th.

Further information is available on our site: or feel free to email us at  – We look froward to hearing from you.


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