The Secret History of the Eurovision Song Contest

Last September (2010) and Australian Film crew rolled into Millstreet, to shoot part of a documentary on the history of the Eurovision Song Contest (held in Millstreet 2011). They received a great welcome from the locals as normal, and had a great few days here. The documentary is called The Secret History of Eurovision Song Contest was aired yesterday (Monday 2nd May) on RTE1. If you missed it, you can still see it for the next few weeks  on the RTE website. Above are a few screen grabs from the programme, and there are more below. The producers will also be releasing a DVD of the programme in the near future.  We’ve also been informed that the programme will be broadcast again on 4More Sky Channel on this Saturday at 9 p.m..   

Stephen Oliver
producer | writer | director of the excellent documentary just informed us of the tremendously positive reaction they’ve had to last night’s documentary.


View the Programme on RTE Player. The part on Millstreet is from 48:00 to 55:20.

Facebook page / contact for the documentary

Coverage of the visit of the Australian Film Crew in Millstreet (Sept 2010)

YouTube videos (trailer) (trailer) (Soviets using the Eurovision as propoganda)

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