Eily’s Report – 28th November

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

I think that Don Williams was one of the first American singers to perform at the Green Glens. He was only twenty four hours in the country when he said that since he arrived he had seen four different kinds of weather and we’re still subject to lots of change. Going from milder than mild a few days ago with roses blooming again, even my raspberry canes bending down with the weight of fruit and now all of a sudden there’s snow and ice on the way. The old people had a great way of describing trying situations like this in the past. When they found it hard to cope with a thing they’d say with a sigh, ’Ah shur you’d want to be young for it.’

Anyway we will press on. It was another great week here in Millstreet. Any week that you can celebrate four All-Ireland medals can’t be bad. Our Scór Quiz team members John Tarrant, Connie Healy, Jerry Doody and Pat Sheehan went all the way to the top to add four more National Awards to the other four that came into town fifty years ago. Hard won on the Football field, by John Coleman, Denny Long,  Humphrey Kelleher and Connie Hartnett. What a way to celebrate one fifty, by winning another.  Some of our best community people today have vivid memories of clinging on to the victory lorry back then as it drove through town that memorable night.  Still with that figure, this week we look forward to celebrating fifty years of our wonderful Community school. This Friday the doors will be thrown open for everyone to come along and see what a truly outstanding emporium of learning we have on our doorstep. In the past fifty years our young people got the education that they needed to send them to all parts of the Globe  while others excelled at home. Look up our website for details of their program on Friday.

Oh, the turning on of the Lights on Sunday evening was a show to behold. To top it all the weather was great. Not a cloud in the sky as the town filled up with families. Little children all agog  and of course the arrival of the man himself and his equally popular beautiful wife Aileen. Matt Cooper endeared to all. He spoke from the heart when he said how delighted at being invited to the town of the woman he loves to turn on their Christmas Lights.  His lovely Mother-in-Law the popular Mary danced with them all with  joy.  Well done to our organisers who saw to every detail which made for the smooth running of the entire event. Our Gardai were numerous but relaxed as they made sure that traffic and people mingled in safety. The Pipe Band, the Vintage car parade adorned with sparkling lights were sheer magic. Little ones riding high on Daddy’s shoulders for the best view. Sean Radley in his own lovely familiar way, stepping in for Noel Buckley, commenting on every detail and even handing over the mike now and then to take a picture. He called for the count-down with Matt and Aileen at the ready and when it came to ONE, everything worked. But Sean wasn’t finished yet. There was one more item to see to as the vintage cars came round for a second time after circumventing the five mile Glebe. On reaching the town Square bells started to ring and out of somewhere came the man in red himself, white beard almost as big as himself. Solo singing was provided by the lovely Gerard O’Hanlon.

Well done to all those who made us proud of our town again this year for the turning on of our Christmas Lights, not forgetting those who tidied up and enhanced to flower boxes etc around the town.  Now that they have shown us in such good light please support them by shopping at home. Our stores have made every effort to stock up with our needs and most do vouchers. Please keep that in mind.  The Annual Community Council Calendar is in all the shops now,  it is beautiful and the proceeds this time will go to the Cinema project . please support it well.  Seanchas Dúthalla is also out now and selling ever a wide area.

Last Saturday night was an occasion that will go down in history for  a very good reason. When the beautiful Glen Theatre opened it’s doors  for a super concert in aid of a very good cause. Maureen Buckley, wife of Seamus, of Shady Hollows B&B fame, has planned to make a return trip to Cape Town as part of  ‘Freeland Project’. This time she will be part of forty volunteers, comprising of all the trades necessary for construction, both men and women. With the aid of some locals out there they want to complete the building of a school where children can be educated, without this building children will have to return to their shacks and miss out on a golden opportunity of learning. Maureen asked her friends from a wide area to help her raise the €3,000 which she must raise ahead of her journey. They answered her call from all over the County Clare and Cork, and more, including our Millstreet Community Singers. It was a night of bliss, sheer bliss. Our Community singers opened to show accompanied by Marie Twomey on Guitar and Margaret Dennehy on Keyboard. Singers, storytellers, musicians followed to make it a evening that can only be described at heart melting. The feeling of all united behind a lady with a mission, an aim to help those who needed help, with no thought of her own daunting task ahead. The lovely petit Margaret Dennehy was asked at the last minute  to provide accompaniment  for all the artists and was lauded for her wonderful  music which further enhanced the show . Seamus slipped out at one stage and surprised his busy Maureen with a lit up birthday cake and the whole house wish her a very happy one. In closing Maureen took the stage to thank everyone for their support and vowed that every cent of money raised would go to Freeland Project cause. When she heads for there in March 2024.

Again with Charity please take note that our local St. V de Paul church gate collection will be held on December 10th.

Give merit where merit is due, our County Council are doing great work around here of late. Roads trimmed and resurfaced and we even have our very own strip of cats eyes to escort us in and out of town. A first. But best of all they are extending the water supply at St. Mary’s cemetery, piping it up part of the hill at the left-hand side. This has to be the most welcome development yet. I have made mention of this more than once because I am aware of the dreadful task it is, especially for the elderly people who had to draw water up the hill to keep the flowers on their loved ones graves fresh and green. Personally I don’t put flowers on Dan’s  grave anymore because I couldn’t keep them looking well and there is nothing worse than a neglected appearance. A nice neat stone covered plot is best for me.

Eucharistic Adoration every Tuesday from 10.30 am to 7.30pm. Confessions on Saturday at 12.30.

Legion of Mary meeting Tuesday night at 7.30 at Parish Centre.

Here are the results of this week’s lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 14,22,30,32 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Tim Hartnett, Knocknagree, The seller was Capabu and they got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to Ann Cowman, Drishane Rd, €20 each to Patsy Corcoran, Pound Hill, Mary Daly, Claracleagh, Joan & Rose Marie c/o the Bridge Bar, Ned and Sheila Walsh. Carriganima, Ciara Buckley c/o The Bush Bar, Catherine Jenks, c/o Noreen Tarrant, Elaine O’Connell, c/o Colemans,  Helena & Molly c/o Colemans.

Following the Draw on Sun night, speaking for himself and Noel Buckley, Co-Chairman Denis Twomey congratulated popular member Connie Healy on being one of the Scór Team who won the All-Ireland Final recently .

Next Draw, December 3rd. Jackpot €14,200.

The meeting of the Clubs was a great success at the Day Centre on Saturday. More about that next week.

 Aubane Christmas Mass and party Friday night December 1, at 8.

Cullen & District Special Needs Association Mass and Christmas Party Saturday December 1 at 1.

Our Active Retired Association Christmas Dinner will be held at the Wallis Arms Hotel on December 9.

Ring Mary for Details 0870537172,

Our Prayers and Best wishes go out to those who are sick at home or in Hospital or worried about their health etc.

Thought for the week. Some people come into our lives as a Blessing. Some come into our lives as a lesson. (Mother Teresa).

Sinn a bfuil a Cáirde slán is beannacht  Dé libh go léir.

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