Eily’s Report – 22nd November

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

What a lovely start to any week, the sound of children singing. Monday November 21 was Presentation Day and all the pupils from our Presentation Convent  National School along with their many teachers and minders crowded into the church for the special Mass which is said every year to celebrate the important occasion and because of the association with the Community School some students from there also attended accompanied by the Principle Pól Ó Síodhcháin and religion teacher John Magee. The readings and the music and singing were all done by the children and after Mass bouquets of flowers were laid at the Nuns Graveyard representing both schools. Big changes from my day when we would go around the treelined ‘walks’  at the back of the school/convent singing the praises of the Lord and afraid that we’d put any leg wrong.

Still with schools, I had the pleasure of getting a detailed tour of the Community School last Wednesday which is the weekly half day for the students. I was met by the Principle Pól Ó Síodhcháin, who welcomed me and  handed me over to the vice-principle Francis Moynihan a long-time friend of mine. I was delighted with the grand tour and she left nothing out as we went from room to room. Corridor to corridor. Needless to say I was never a student there, but had many happy and successful associations with the place over the years.  My children went there when it opened for the first time and what a sensation it was, that all grades of students could get their education in the one place. Before that we had the Secondary school for boys which was expertly run by the late and wonderful Garrett and Rita Hickey  and the Presentation Convent Secondary for girls. We also has a Technical school for boys. Looking back now it was system of class distinction, because lads who were not deemed bright or ambitious enough were sent to the tech. to learn a trade while their counterparts attended the secondary  in order to get a more academic career, such as the Bank, or go on to teaching or whatever. Anyway the Community School did away with all of that.  Students went there at the same level for all. Even classes were not identified by 1,2,&3, or A,B,C, which could give the impression that one may be better than the other, no a system was adopted to even abolish that. Certain people in the Community fought hard to get the Community School. The ordinary folk didn’t know because they never heard of it before, but with the help of Noel C. having the suitable site and the others in keeping up the pressure our community School became a reality in the 70’s. Buíochas le Dia. I suppose the one thing that surprised me was when I asked Francis about religious education in the school. Coming as I was from the days when Catholocism was the only one. Nowadays they are thought Christianity, Buddhism Islam, Judaism and Hinduism and the right to choose is up to them .

As I said I never went to school there but that doesn’t mean that  I wasn’t involved with the Community School over the years. Right now some of my grandchildren are going there and this year my eldest greatgrandchild, Kathlyn did her Intersert there. Some years ago a lady called Mary Surliss, from UCG introduced a new idea that she had called Living Scenes., Driven by the way that she saw a wide gap was growing between the older people and the young people. And a wealth of culture and traditions were being lost. So Millstreet Community School was one of the Schools in the Country who adopted the idea. It meant that seniors from the Community would join Traditional year students a day in the week during that year. It turned out to be one of the most successful ventures ever. We engaged on many things such as writing, creating things together outings ,forest walks, talks etc. Any barriers that existed between the vast age groups faded away, and we were all as one. We went to Galway to meet with others of the same ilk, and the idea even won an award from Brussells and Eansie Twomey was one of the people who went to accept it. Sadly it fell through after a number of years because of the lack of funds, but the friendships and understandings that it created are there to stay. I must say a fond thank you to Francis for the grand tour, showing me the  many added learning avenues since I was there last. Even extra parking  space for it’s 395 students and 44 staff, not to mention visitors. God bless them all.

Just to remind you again that the closing date to renew you TextAlert for 2023 is coming very close. Only three days away, November 25th. Put your name, address, phone number and Area Code plus €10 in an envelope and hand it in to Wordsworth Bookstore in town or to Guerins Shop in Ballydaly. Maybe help a friend to get it done.

Society is still trying to recover from the two years of Covid, our Comhaltas Group are holding a very important meeting after two years at the Parish centre on tomorrow Wednesday night at 8 pm. Please attend it well . Following a two year gap, two students of the Community School will once again go as helpers to Lourdes in 2023,they are Holly Dunne and Rachel Dineen.  Ahead of that each must raise €790 to cover their cost. Look out for their fundraisers.

On Wednesday also is “knit and chat” day at the Library from2.30 to 4.

Still with the Library, this Friday November 25th the Age Friendly session starts at 11am to lunch time. Further to that The Active retired Association Coffee and Bingo will be held and the Day centre from 1.30.

Active Retired Christmas Party will be held at the Wallis Arms Hotel on Saturday December 10th. For details ring Mary at 087 053 7172.

Mobile phones , a curse or a blessing. Well we’ve had mixed feelings about them now and then, but  I’m all for them now for a brand new reason, because with my off springs getting bigger and getting mobiles of their own I find myself swopping  details with them and now I can chat with either of them any time, ask them things about school etc, tell them things that otherwise may never be told. Delightful.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were  3, 4, 19, 28 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Tom & Robert Carroll. The Seller was Tom Carroll and he got €50 sellers prize. €50 went to Olga Firick c/o O’Leary’s. €20 each went to Helen Sheahan. c/o Tom Carroll, Nuala O’Connor, Cloghoula, Julia O’Riordan c/o Corkery’s Bar. Aishling Browne, c/o J O Mahony, Siobhan Hanley. c/o M. Twomey. Anne Barry c/o O’Learys. & Trevor O’Connor, c/o Mary O’Connor. Next draw Nov. 27. Jackpot €4,200.

Our Thrift Shop in Minor Row is looking for more stock in the run up to Christmas, Please look around a see if you have any good quality items that may help. Proceeds go to the Day Centre.

The Funeral Mass for John Kelleher, Eansie’s brother, will take place tomorrow Wednesday at 1.30 pm followed by burial of his ashes at Drishane.

As the Month of November moves on please be reminded that special indulgences can still be gained by visiting a graveyard and praying for the dead.

Look up our website every day for details of all local happenings.

Agus sin a bhfuil, a chairde, have a good week , Slán.


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