Eily’s Report – 19th July

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report.

Not in the best of form this week, a nasty chest infection has taken up residence in my body and it’s not a nice thing or an easy one to get rid of. Being the sort of person who doesn’t like to sit still for very long it’s an effort to mind myself. The moment I feel good I want to be off but not far into my quest I know that all is not right inside and I have to give in and return to base. We never know where we pick these things up and can only mind oneself when it’s too late. My paying guest, Fiona has the same thing  but with the help of our trip to the caring GP, a few sincere prayers, followed by a course of antibiotics, we’ll both be good as new in the not too distant future. So we motor on.

Oh the smell of a new-mown lawn and the fresh grass all mashed up and fed back into the ground to help it take on it’s green carpet appearance until its cutting time again. In spite of the dry weather, the grass sparkles every morning with the fresh morning dew a delight to walk on before the sun comes up and dries all away. I often wonder where does the dew come from, what does it mean. In my childhood days my Dad would take me with him if he was going ‘scoirioctings’ to a neighbours house, I think it was the only way to ensure that I’d be safe while he was out. People that time would convey the person leaving as far as the nearest gate or fence, which could be all the way to the end to a field or boreen and talking as they went and then before parting would size up the whole situation a recap on all that talked about all night. The paying of the rent and rates, the crops, the milk and the all important butter-fat test of the milk  to name but a few and  looking up at the sky one would say  the dew is falling and the other agree, yes the dew is falling. I can still feel the moment.  Twilight on a soft summer evening a stream making a lovely noise as the clear water  ran over the stones in the distance a cow clearing her throat, leather bats barely missing our ears,  a sharp yap of a distant fox, which  set all the sheep dogs  around barking in unison.  A silent curse on him,  someone’s goose was taken or a precious laying her by that while lad. In the other direction in the marsh the call of the long beaked snipe with his own distinctive call call resembling a goat. Or a lone caoir luun (Curlew) gliding over head. Things of the night rising to take over their shift and all the time across the way the sound  of my 5 brothers and one sister rang out as they had high jinks, which the “cat” was out. Once in a while the Da would say,  I’ll kill  ’m when I go home, but by the time we’d arrive they’d  be all tucked up in their beds the picture of innocence.  The skies clear or perhaps with signs on the horizon of rain next day. Half an hour could go  and very often when they did part one would think of something else to say and turn back again. By then I’d be tired we still had a rough rae to cross before we reached our bounds where another busy stream divided the two farms and where we caught buckets of rainbow trout in my young days but that’s another story for another day.

My supply of rain water is running low, so I’m paying attention to the more precious plants in my garden. My lemon tree gets special treatment . It’s never without three of four fine bright yellow fruits , looking almost too heavy for the branch. Needless to say they are not the edible kind but so lovely to look at. With the onset of the hot weather I put my lemon tree in the shade. Some years ago I lost a lovely oak bonsai which I had grown from seed and shaped in my own way  for about five years but sadly didn’t realise that the hot sun would rob me of it. Keep an eye out for white fly in your bedding plants, they killed some of my lovely violas this week and the white butterfly is around, beautiful to look at but almost as soon as it comes  it’s babies the caterpillars will strip every leaf on the gooseberry bush and others as well.  It’s a great time to gather seeds, many plants are reaching the end of the flowering season by now and producing seed heads galore, gather some and share or swop them with friends for the next growing season.

Eucharistic Adoration in our Church every Tuesday from 10,30 to 7.30.

Confessions in our Church every Saturday from 12.30 to 1.

Mass at ten am. every week on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and 7.30 pm on Monday and Friday. The Holy Rosary and prayers are said each morning before Mass. Please say the Rosary every day.

Our Pipe Band are looking for financial assistance. They have a Go-Fund-me Page and details are on the Millstreet Website. Other than that a donation can be given to any Band Member.Please Give our wonderful Pipe Band your best support.

Hats off to the lovely Geraldine Lynch who came through Millstreet last week on her way on foot, from Antrim in the North to Allihies in the Beara peninsula. Geraldine has very close Millstreet connections. Daughter of Joan O’Connor formerly of Minor Row whose Dad was our Creamery Manager for years, Joan’s sister Vera was in my class going to school and was my hairdresser in later years. I must congratulate both Geraldine on this mammoth undertaking in aid of such good cause Cancer Research and her Mom Joan who must be justly  proud of her.

Well done and welcome to the gentleman from Vancouver in Canada, who passed through our town last week on the epic Beara Brefne way.

The organisers of the Cullen Special Needs Association want to thank all those who helped them in any way their recent Vintage fundraising Day.

And the Representatives of our Millstreet Community Hospital say sincere thanks to all those who helped them in any way with their recent Church Gate Collection.

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were,1,9,10,19 and the Jackpot was not won.

€100 went to Nuala Lawler,Drishane Rd. The seller was O’Leary Butchers and they got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to Katie Hickie, c/o Denis Hickey.  €20 each went to Geraldine Dennehy, c/o Joan Casey, Joan Moynihan c/o Herlihy’s Centra, Paula Brophy, c/o Sheila Lane, Quick Pick, c/o Michelle Whelan, Ernie O’Malley, c/o Lehane, Nell Walsh, c/o Corkerys Bar, David Cremin, Killarney Rd, Kathryn Murphy, c/o The Clara Inn, Next Draw July 24 Jackpot €20,000.

Weekly 45Drive continues at the Canon O’Donovan Centre every Tuesday night starting at 8.30 sharp.

Sinn a bfuil a cairde.  Slán.


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