Broadband Connection Points

Map of the Broadband Connection Points

Aubane Community Centre and Ballydaly Community Hall are two of three hundred locations across Ireland to get high-speed internet hubs while they await the arrival of the National Broadband Plan (NBP). National Broadband Ireland (NBI), said it will deploy “broadband connection points”, where the public can get free high-speed internet access, across the country from the second quarter of next year (2020). The measure is intended as a stop-gap for communities with the worst broadband coverage, he said. … Read more about this on the Irish Times.

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  1. This is going to be some gravy train, I have been waiting many years for the fibre cabinet to be installed in Tanyard wood, I checked the national broad map and entered my Eircode I was shocked when I got the following message: Your premises is in an area that is not considered commercial by operators. This area will be covered under the State Intervention of the National Broadband Plan. Your premises was brought into the Amber area, following the 2019 NBP Mapping Consultation. A lot of Millstreet town is now included in this, so EIR waited and held back installing the cabinet and now they will install in the future and lease it to the NBP.

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