Patrick Mulcahy, Sergeant R.I.C. (Millstreet 1906-1921)

During the years of the troubles the man in charge of the R.I.C. in Millstreet was Sergeant Patrick Mulcahy. Likely a decent man, it is interesting to read that the local IRA said that they never laid a hand on the local police, which says enough in itself (the same is not true for the black and tans / auxiliaries that were here). A father of seven children, three were born here in the barrack, and all grew up here.
A Tipperary man originally, he joined the RIC at the age of 20, giving his occupation as a groom. He served first in Kerry at Tarbert and Castleisland stations for seven years, until he married  Johanna O’Callaghan of Droum in 1895. He was then transferred to Bantry where he spend time before being moved to Kilbrittain where he became first an acting sergeant in 1903, and then a full sergeant in 1905. Two years later he was moved to Millstreet where he was the Sergeant in Charge until the latter half of 1921 when he became a Head Constable.
When the force was disbanded in 1922, he went to live in Newbridge. He died in April 1938 at Kildare Infirmary, Athy. 


Service Record

Patrick Mulcahy #52443
Name: Mulcahy Patrick
Age when appointed:
Height: 5’10”
Native County: Tipp S.R.
Religion: C
Marriage Date: 18/9/95
Native County of Wife: Kerry
Recommendations: DI Shoveller
Trade or Calling: Groom
Appointment: 25th April 1887
Allocation: Kerry (17 Sept 87) Cork W.R.(19/4/95)
Promotions: Promoted Acting Sergeant 1/4/02, Promoted Sergeant 1/11/04, Promoted H Const 12/5/21
Rewards / Marks of Distinction / Favourable records: Some awards … written in code
Reason for leaving RIC: Disbanded 5/5/22, T.S. Cork WR,
Pension: CA £236-13-4 [1]


1887 to 1895 Kerry

It is hard to get official documentation as to where he was in his first years in the R.I.C. His service record says Kerry, and these newspaper reports place him in Tarbert and later Castisland, before his marriage in 1895.

TARBERT PETTY SESSIONS. I . Tarbert, Tuesday. The fortnightly Petty Sessions were held V.-day, before Mr. S. E. Collis and Captain B. A. j Massey, K.M., Listowel. Two young men named Cornelius O’Counor and Edward Flaherty, of Glenalappa, were summoned at soil the Inland Revenue Authorities for carrying arms without excise gun license the 10th of February 1888. … … ‘He thought it right say that the conferred with Captain Massey with regard to the unsatisfactory manner in which the evidence was given the constables, especially Constable Mulcahy. They would fine Connor 50s. and costs. Captain Massey said would satisfied sign his name to a memorial to the Lord Lieutenant to have the fine reduced to £1. [Kerry Evening Post. – Saturday 07 April 1888]

1894 – He was on the Castleisland RIC tug-of-war team: Castleisland—Sergeants Connors, Behan, Curtin, Sandle, Constables Burke, Kennedy, Quirke, and Mulcahy.

CANNIBALISM. Const Mulcahy, Castleisland, charged labourer, named Michael Fitzgerald, with being drank on the licensed premises Miss M A O’Donoghue, Castleisland. The Constable said defendant and a man named Curran were fighting in Miss O’Donoghue’s house; saw defendant with Curran’s finger in his month, chewing defendant, who was not a man of good character, was drank. Defendant said was only fined twice before. The defendant was fined £l. Constable Mulcahy said Curran refused to prosecute for the assault, and he applied to their worships for permission to prosecute. Thee Bench ordered summons to issue. [Kerry Evening Post. – Saturday 06 October 1894]


1895-1905 West Cork

It was normal that when married he would be moved out of the county of his wife, so he was transferred to Bantry where they had their first two children Ethyl and Mary Therese.
A promotion to Acting  Sergeant in April 1902 saw the family move to Kilbrittain and he was further promoted to full Sergeant  in 1904. They had a further two children Lillian (1902) and John (1905) in Kilbrittain.
In 1905 he was transferred to Millstreet where he was to stay for the next 16 years.


Millstreet (1905-1921)
Mentions in the Newspapers

…. told her be was making present of it for her husband { a couple of days after she sold the vest to a post-boy, whose name she did not know, for eight pence. Sergeant Mulcahy, Millstreet, deposed to arresting the prisoner at 7 80 pm on 12th May last for being drank and disorderly; he searched him at the barrack and found a pair of stockings, shirt and razor, spoons and scissors (all produced) in his possession witness received the vest [1907/10/05]
This conflicts with the directory listing which doesn’t see him in Millstreet until later in 1907, but it may be that the directory was out of date already. Indeed his son George was born in the Barracks here in 1906!


Conned: … Daniel Canniff, Bandon, was charged the instance of Sergeant Mulcahy, Millstreet, that did fraud and false pretences obtain food and lodgings from Mrs. Kate Radley Millstreet, and also dad by false pretences obtain from Sergeant the sum of 2s. 6d., by representing that was a water bailiff employed by the Fishery Conservators. Sergeant Mulcahy conducted the proceedings on behalf of the Crown, and the accused was not professionally represented. Sergeant Mulcahy deposed that Mr. Inspector of Fisheries, arrived at Millstreet Friday, 20th ulto., and had an interview with him. The Inspector told him he was sending a water bailiff from Mallow to cooperate and help the others. That appointment would make four appointments for the Millstreet district. Monday the 25rd ulto. at 10 o’clock a.m. the defendant came the public street Millstreet. opposite R.I.C barracks, and in reply a question put him me. he said was sent here by Mr. Drohan Mallow, to act as water bailiff, and that he cams the mail train arriving Millstreet. from Mallow in the morning. said had sbffce drink taken last night, and I have only three half pence now. …. …. [Cork Examiner – Monday 14 December 1908]

TODO: Millstreet Session 1911 … long long piece

Theft of a gun from McCarthy O’Leary in 1913: … was informed by Sergeant Mulcahy, Royal Irish Constaubulary, that he had instructions from his authorities to proceed to Cork and apply for a further remand in custody … [ref:House of Commons]

ARRESTS IN MILLSTREET: During the past week the military visited Millstreet and arrested the following members of the local Sinn Féin organisation—Messrs J. Twomey, J. Buckley, J. Riordan, P. Carmody, L.Buckley, and M. Riordan. Accompanying the military were District Inspector Egan, Macroom, and Sergeant Mulcahy, Millstreet, assisted by some members of tho local force [Cork Examiner – Thursday May 11th, 1916]


Sergeant in Charge

In the bi-yearly published Directory List for the R.I.C. Patrick Mulcahy is listed as the sergeant in charge in the following years:

Kilbrittain: 1903 (Acting sergeant), 1905 (sergeant), 1905 July, 1906 July,  1907 Jan Kilbrittain Sergeant in Charge

[Sgt Mulcahy was definitely in Millstreet in 1906 as his son George was born here that December, so the directory listing is out of date]

Millstreet: Jan 1908July 19091910 Jan1910 July1911 Jan1912 JanJuly 1912Jan 1913July 1913Jan 1914Jan 1915Jan 1916July 1916, 1920

He is also listed as the sergeant in charge in Guy’s Directory listings:
1907 Guy’s Directory
1913 Guy’s Directory
1916 Guy’s Directory
1921 Guy’s Directory

Sgt. Mulcahy was promoted to Head Constable on May 21st 1921. Head Constable was a senior rank in the Royal Irish Constabulary, with authority lying somewhere between the ranks of Inspector and Superintendent.


Nominal Rolls

For all the years available: 1910, 1911, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920 Patrick is listed in Millstreet as:
Sgt Patrick Mulcahy, #52443, Roman Catholic, married, joined 25/4/87; promoted 1/Nov/1904


Petty Sessions

His first Petty Session in Millstreet is on August 13th 1906, Daniel Forde of Mill Lane was Drunk and Disorderly

There are some 800 Petty Sessions in Millstreet where he is mentioned. Too many to outline here.

1920 Nov 22nd: The last Petty Sessions entry for Sgt Mulcahy is that of an unlicenced dog on Aubust 7th 1920.



Pension Leger (1921-1925)
Amt: £266.13.4 p/a
started 6th May 1922
address: 5 Artillery Place, Newbridge, Co. Kildare; born 1867


The Family of Patrick Mulcahy

Birth of Patrick Mulcahy of Rathnaven(?) Tipperary on 28th April 1867; to Johanna Mulcahy (Quinlan) and John Mulcahy, a farmer

Marriage of Patrick Mulcahy and Johanna O’Callaghan at Clogher Co. Kerry on September 18th 1895 by Fr John Lawlor PP, he a constable in the RIC at Bantry, the son of Johanna Quinlan and John Mulcahy a farmer, she a farmer’s daughter from Droum(?), the daughter of Daniel O’Callaghan and Mary Carmody. In the presence of Ellie Nolan and John Mulcahy. [Catholic Marriage]

They had seven children (details below):
Ethel Mulcahy (1897-00)
Anna May Mulcahy (1899 –   )TODO
Mary Therese (1901-)
Lillian Mulcahy (1902-)
John Vincent Mulcahy (1905-)
George Mulcahy (1906-) Millstreet
Patrick Francis Mulcahy (1908-1986) Millstreet
Edward Mulcahy (1911-1920) Millstreet


1901 census: Residents of a house 27 in Chapel Street (Bantry, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Mulcahy Patrick 33 Male Head of Family
Constable RIC
Born Co. Tipperary
Roman Catholic
Mulcahy Hannah 32 Female Wife
Born Co.Kerry
Roman Catholic
Mulcahy Hannah May 2 Female Daughter
Born Co.Kerry
Roman Catholic
Mulcahy Mary 2 months old Female Daughter
Born Co.Kerry
Roman Catholic

1911 census: Residents of a house 22.2 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)
The family are living within the Barracks in Millstreet

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Mulcahy Patrick Head of Family
Mulcahy Hanna 40 Female Wife Roman Catholic
Mulcahy Anna May 12 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Mulcahy Mary Teresa 10 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Mulcahy Lilian 8 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Mulcahy John Vincent 5 Male Son Roman Catholic
Mulcahy George 4 Male Son Roman Catholic
Mulcahy Patrick Francis 2 Male Son Roman Catholic

Patrick  was promoted to Head Constable on May 21st 1921. Head Constable was a senior rank in the Royal Irish Constabulary, with authority lying somewhere between the ranks of Inspector and Superintendent.

Death of Hannah Mulcahy at Walshtown, Newbridge in 1927; married; 57yrs; RIC Pensioners wife; Chronic nephritis uremia; P. Mulcahy husband of deceased

Death of Patrick Mulcahy on April 18th 1938 at Kildare Infirmary Athy; widower; 71 yrs; ex-policeman; myocarditis cardiac failure


Their Children 

Ethel Mulcahy (1897-1900)

Birth of Ethel Mulcahy at Droum (Castleisland) on September 29th 1897, to Hanna Mulcahy (Callaghan) and Patrick Mulcahy Bantry constable RIC

Death of Ethel May Mulcahy at Chapel Street Bantry on Nov 26th 1900, aged 3 years, daughter of Constable RIC, capillary bronchitis 4 days, Anna Mulcahy mother present at death Chapel Street

Anna May Mulcahy (1899 –   ) 

Birth of Ann Mulcahy at Droum (Castleisland) on April 7th 1899, to Hanna Mulcahy (O’Callaghan) and Patrick Mulcahy Constable R.I.C. Bantry, Daniel O’Callaghan grandfather present at birth

She is written as “Hannah May” in the 1901 census.

Mary Therese Mulcahy (1901-)

Birth of Mary Therese Mulcahy on January 23rd 1901 at Droum (Castleisland), to Hanna Mulcahy (O’Callaghan) and Patrick Mulcahy, Bantry Constable RIC, Margaret O’Callaghan present at birth

Lillian Agnes Mulcahy (1902-)

Birth of Lilian Agnes Mulcahy at Glanduff (Kilbrittan), Bandon on November 11th 1902, to Hannah Mulcahy (O’Callaghan) and Patrick Mulcahy Sergeant RIC

Her marriage? Marriage of George Ruttle and Lillie Mulcahy on 30 November 1929

John Vincent Mulcahy (1905-)

Birth of John Vincent Mulcahy at Glanduff (Kilbrittan) on July 5th 1905, to Hannah Mulcahy (O’Callaghan) and Patrick Mulcahy sergeant RIC

his death? in templeglantine aged 17??

George Mulcahy (1906-)

Birth of George Mulcahy at the Barracks Millstreet on 24th December 1906, to Hannah Mulcahy (O’Callaghan) and Patrick Mulcahy Sergeant RIC.

He moved to America in August 1930, giving his occupation as a Hotel Assistant, living in Newbridge.

[to be confirmed] He became a naturalized citizen 1938, married Dorothy M Monk in 1939, lived in Brooklyn, NY, was an accountant,  and died during WWII on February 21st 1944 in Liberia, North Africa. [notes]

Patrick Francis Mulcahy (1908-1986)

Birth of Patrick Francis Mulcahy on October 3rd 1908 at the Barracks Millstreet

Arrived in New York on September 23rd 1928 on the SS Celtic.

Wife: Frances C. Bell. of Greensburgh PA (April 26, 1916-June 8, 2008). Married 11/Nov/1942 [obit]

Children: Michael (10/25/1949 – 01/01/2007) [obit] m. Peg Grieder, +Monica, Ned M, Kevin V.

WWII #33263693
Dates of Service: 25/April/1942 – 11/Oct/1945
Med Det 377th Inf
Rank: T/4 [Vet Burial Card]
[WWII Vet Compensation]
[Naturalization 1942 Shreveport LA, Witnesses from Camp Gruber, OKLAHOMA?]

1950: New Alexandria Rd, Greensburg, Pensylvania, USA

1959: Schaller’s Bakery; 520 George St, Greensburgh

Died Sept 9th 1986 in Greensburg
Buried Holy Sacrament Cemetery (Greensburg Catholic Cemetery); plot:H-20-C [FindaGrave] [BillionGraves]

[Ancestry: Lots of trees, but none linking up to father Patrick though] [ancestry]

Edward Mulcahy (1911-1920)

Birth of EDWARD MULCAHY on 26 May 1911 at the Barracks Millstreet

Death of Edward Patrick Mulcahy at the Barracks Millstreet on 26th January 1920, son of Patrick Mulcahy sergeant RIC, acute Meningitis 16 days



TODO: find out the dates where he was moved to Millstreet from Kilbrittain

TODO: In what area was he the Head Constable (1921-1922)?

TODO: find Johanna’s birth – Droum Ballymacelligott (Ballyegan?)

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