[Continuing our series on the events of 1919 with the help of the daily newspaper of the First Dail, the Irish Bulletin.]




Raids:– Police and Military raided upwards of fifty houses in the neighbourhood of Berrings, Co. Cork. The house at Dysart, Co. Roscommon of Mr. Denis J. Kelly, Vice- Chairman of the Roscommon County Council was forcibly entered by police during his absence and searched. In the same district the houses of Messrs. John J. Geoghegan and Patrick Murray were similarly raided and searched.
Proclamations and Suppressions:– Markets were suppressed in many parts of Co. Tipperary, including the fairs arranged to be held at Carrick-on-Suir, Nenagh, Clonmel, all of which towns were occupied by large bodies of troops who prohibited the farmers from bringing supplies to the townspeople. The sufferings of the poor throughout the entire county are now very great as hardly any food or fuel is allowed to reach them.
Treatment of Prisoners:– Miss Catherine McCormack of Carron, Co. Clare, was released from Mountjoy jail, Dublin, in broken health. Twenty-six political prisoners from Cork jail where they had been in solitary confinement for nine months, were removed to Mountjoy Jail, Dublin, some of them in a state of collapse.


Raids:- Military and police raided and took possession of the Ballalley at Laffanbridge, Co. Tipperary, where handball contests were about to be held.
Arrests:- Denis and Daniel Looney and John Scanlon, all of Donoughmore, Co. Cork; Owen McCarthy Firmount; Timothy Connell, Kilmartin and Daniel Moynihan, Ballycunningham, all in Cork County were arrested on a charge of endeavouring to obtain arms. Michael Aherne, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, was arrested on an unknown political charge and brought to Cork jail.
Sentence:- Charles Gildea, Derry, was fined £3 for defending himself against a detective who overpowered him and searched his pockets.
Proclamations:- At Loughinisland, Co. Down, the English Military authorities proclaimed a Republican meeting. A large body of English troops raided and suppressed a sports meeting at Thurles, Co. Tipperary, in which town the usual weekly market was also suppressed. At Dundrum, in the same county, a fete to procure funds for carrying on the local schools was suppressed by large forces of military and police fully armed.
Armed Assaults:- Armed police suddenly attacked the local band at Newmarket, Co. Cork, which was parading the streets of the town. Many of the bandsmen were seriously injured. Police and military fully armed held up country folk bringing supplies to Thurles, Co. Tipperary and, having overpowered them, searched them.


Raids:– At Midleton, Co. Cork, armed police raided twelve houses. The houses of Mr. E. T. Keane and Alderman J. Nowlan, Kilkenny, were raided by military and police.
Arrests:– Alderman James Nowlan, President of the Gaelic Athletic Association was arrested by military and police at Kilkenny City in the early morning. Mr. E. T. Keane, Editor of the “Kilkenny People” was similarly arrested.
Sentences:– Christopher Quigley, Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin, was sentenced by Courtmartial to 12 months imprisonment for procuring arms.
Suppressions:– A hurling contest at Tulla, Co. Clare, was proclaimed and suppressed by military and police. A hurling contest at Toeni, Co. Tipperary, was also suppressed. At Newcestown, Co. Cork, an Irish Language festival was suppressed by English military and police who raided and occupied the ground.
Armed Assault:- At Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Rev. Fr.
Denis Cahill was surrounded by armed police and being
overpowered had his pockets searched.


Arrests:- Five men whose names have not transpired were
arrested at Bochel, Tannaghmore, Co. Down, for taking
part in a proclaimed language festival.
Sentences:- William Shaughnessy, Cathedral Street, Ennis,
Co. Clare, was tried by courtmartial at Limerick and was
sentenced to 17 days imprisonment with hard labour for
endeavouring to procure arms.
Courtmartial:– Mr. Richard A. Johnston, University Hall,
Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin was tried by courtmartial at
Ship Street Barracks, Dublin, on a charge of possessing
parts of a revolver and five cartridges.
Suppressions:– Military and police raided the printing
works of the “Sligo Nationalist” dismantled the machinery
and suppressed the paper.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 1919.

Suppressions:- The weekly corn market in Cashel was prevented by the British Authorities last Wednesday. The marketers had sent in a request for a permit which was refused. In reply to a request for a permit to hold fairs and markets, Nenagh U.D.C. received notice from the Co. Inspector of the R.I.C. that none would be allowed. Persons bringing butter to the market in Carrick- on-Suir were held up by armed police.
Armed Assault:– The market in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary,
was prevented by members of the army of occupation.
Militarism:– British military have requisitioned the use of
the Bantry Guardians Board-room, and have informed the
Guardians that they should hold their meetings elsewhere.
Hand-printed posters calling on the people to support the
Dail Eireann Loan were torn down by the police.
Raids:– W. O’Grady, Hairdresser, Wicklow, having failed
to remove a full-page advertisement of the Dail Eireann
Loan, which was adhered to the window, the Constabulary
raided the premises and completely defaced it with their
penknives. They warned O’ Grady of the consequences
of placing another in the window. British military raided
and searched a drapery establishment in Rostrevor, Co.


Suppressions:– The Lord Justices refused a permit for the
holding of a fair in Clonmel. British military and police
were posted at the entrances to the town to prevent any
attempt to hold the fair. British military and police also
occupied the approaches to Thurles and turned back the
people who were bringing pigs to the fortnightly market.
Arrest:– Charles Bradley, Herbert Street, Belfast, was
arrested on a charge of having in his possession a canister
of gunpowder and 59 pinfire revolver cartridges for
which he had no licence.
Sentence:– Tried on above charge, Charles Bradley was
fined 40 /- and costs.


MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th, 1919.

Arrests:– – Aherne, Kilmartin, Co. Cork, was arrested. He
is to be charged, along with six others already in custody,
in connection with the alleged shooting of a Constable in
Berrings, near Cork, last Sunday. Richard Higgins, Sallins,
Co. Kildare, Secretary to Prosperous Sinn Fein Club, was
arrested and conveyed in military motor wagon to Mountjoy
Prison, Dublin.
Armed Assault:– Armed soldiers in uniform attacked the
private residence of Charles Culhane, President, Sinn
Fein Club Thurles, at midnight, and smashed the windows
with the butt ends of their weapons.
Sentences:– Tried by a District courtmartial at Belfast on
October 5th, on a charge of drilling in Co. Fermanagh on
13th July, Daniel Mackle, Redhills, Co. Cavan, was
sentenced to 5 months’ imprisonment. James Kelly, Derry,
was sentenced by a court martial to 91 days’ imprisonment
with hard labour, mitigated to 30 days, for possessing
firearms. His brother Hugh Kelly, received a similar
sentence on the same charge. Both have been in custody
for six weeks already.
Suppressions:– Markets have been stopped by armed
British forces at Carrick-on-Suir and Nenagh. At Templemore,
the corn was not allowed to be delivered at the


Raids:– A large force of armed military and police raided
the Killarney Printing Works on Monday evening. They
seized private correspondence, photographs, printing
orders and everything containing Irish-printing. An
exhaustive search was made of the premises. The premises
of the Manager, Killarney Printing Works, Mr. M. Doyle,
were also raided. Armed police raided the Macroom
Sinn Fein Hall thinking a meeting was on. Some documents
were taken.
Armed Assaults:- A boy named Coll was shot by police in
Banbridge, Co. Down, yesterday. His condition is precarious.
During a raid on his residence, Mr. M. Doyle and
Mrs. Doyle, were subjected to a personal search. Nothing
incriminating was found. Armed police from Bantry, Co.
Cork, and the surrounding districts, assembled at Knockeve,
and, barricading the road, held up and carefully
searched several motor cars. During a raid on Macroom
Sinn Fein Hall, a number of young men, including T.
McSweeney, (Terence MacSwiney, J.L.) M.P., for Mid.
Cork were searched by police.
Sentence:– Matthew Devine, Kilternan, Roscommon, a
farmer, was fined for having a rook rifle in his possession
without a permit, and the weapon was handed over to the
British military authorities.


Suppression:- Armed military and police occupied the
approaches to Thurles to prevent cattle coming to the
monthly fair.
Raids:- On Saturday night police made a fruitless raid on
the residence of Patrick Hogan, Carrigahorig, Co. Tipperary.
This is the fourth raid within a month. Military and
police searched the house of Michael Lehane, Scart,
Bantry, Co. Cork, but found nothing.
Arrests:– Patrick Griffin, Listowel, and Brian Shanahan,
Tipperary, were re-arrested on release from Mountjoy
Jail, on charges of damaging cell furniture during the
recent revolt for political treatment.
Militarism:– Eamonn Corbett, Craughwell Co. Galway and
Cormac Hurley, Bandon, Co. Cork, each sentenced to
five years imprisonment for offences against D.O.R.A.,
have been temporarily released from Maryborough Gaol,
in broken health. They were both borne on stretchers to
Queen’s Co. Infirmary. P. Whelehan, Toomevara, Co.
Tipperary, was released in broken health from gaol.
Owing to another breach by the British Government of the
agreement made with Irish prisoners that they would be
accorded political treatment, the prisoners in Mountjoy
Prison, Dublin revolted last Sunday morning. They
barricaded their cells and withstood a siege by police and
warders for several hours. They were eventually
overpowered and all (about 45) placed in hand-cuffs.
Sentences:– Eight young men were remanded by Mr.
Starkie, R.M., Cork, on suspicion of being connected with
the attack on British military in Fermoy on September
6th. Patrick Griffin and Brian Shanahan, mentioned above
were both remanded for a week on the above charge.
Armed Assault:- Dunmanway, (Cork), hurlers, on their
way to play the Bantry team on Sunday, were stopped by
British military and police at Knockloe.


Suppressions:– Police and military raided the offices of the
“Weekly Observer” Newcastle West, dismantled the
machinery and suppressed the paper. No reason was
given. The “Southern Democrat” published in the same
office will not be able to appear. Letters addressed to Dail
Eireann, Sinn Fein, Cumann na mBan and the offices of
the Prisoners Dependents’ Fund, have been held up for
this week in the G. P. O., by the English Government
officials, without notice to the owners of the letters.
Court martial:– E.T. Keane, Editor, “Kilkenny People”,
was tried by Courtmartial at Cork for having arms in his
possession. Alderman J. Nowlan, Kilkenny, National
President G.A.A., was tried by the same Courtmartial for
the illegal possession of a revolver and cartridges. John
Tevlin, Carnacoss, Co. Meath, was tried by courtmartial
at Ship Street Barracks, Dublin, on charges of having
arms and ammunition in his possession. Finding will be
Arrests:– Frank Nevin, Kinnitty, was arrested and brought
to Birr Police Barracks on Monday. Three men were
arrested in Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, on charges of unlawful
assembly and drilling. Edward Gilmore, Lisburn, has
been arrested and conveyed to Belfast. While walking in
Phoenix Park, Dublin, on Tuesday, Richard Davis and his
brother were arrested and taken to the Bridewell. Davis
was imprisoned in connection with the bogus “German
Raids:– Police searched the premises of Messrs. Begley,
Castle Road, M. Herlihy, Bridge Street, and W. O’Brien
Stanton’s Lane, Bandon, but found nothing.
Sentences:– Michael McArdle, Henry Street, Castleblayney, was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for an alleged assault on a policeman who was arresting a prisoner. For the fifth time John J. Madden was remanded in custody by Major Dease in Limerick gaol in connection with the shooting of police in Lorrha. Four men were remanded in custody in connection with the shooting of
police at Knocklong.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th, 1919.

Courtmartial:- Joseph Martin, Portumna, was tried by a
Courtmartial at Cork, on a charge of having in his
possession a copy of the official organ of the Irish
Volunteers. The decision will be promulgated. He has
been five weeks in prison without trial.
Arrests:– Patrick Hegarty, Tobacconist, Foyle Street, Derry,
was arrested and conveyed in a motor lorry direct to gaol.
No charges has been preferred against him.
Raids:- British military and police searched the premises of
Mort O’Shea, draper, Glengarriffe, Co. Cork. They
seized postcards and papers. They also raided a number
of houses outside the village.
Armed Assaults:– While passing the Police Barracks, John
Lehane, Scart, Co. Cork, was arrested, taken into the
barracks and there searched by police. They found
nothing and subsequently released him.
Militarism:– The police forces in Ireland are releasing
instructions in the use of hand grenades and American
automatic pistols. Those weapons are being added to their
usual equipment which consists in batons, rifles, bayonets
and revolvers.


Militarism:– After a visit to the political prisoners in Mountjoy
gaol, the Lord Mayor of Dublin stated he found 39 in
handcuffs and 4 in hospital. The police are practising hand
grenade throwing in Tipperary.
Arrests:– John Lehane, Scart, Co. Cork, was arrested in
connection with a recent address at Ballydehob.
Suppressions:– The October Fair in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary,
was suppressed by British military and police. The Ivy
Dance Class, Nenagh was refused a permit to hold practise
dance classes.
Proclamation:– By an Order in Council, a new D.O.R.A.
regulation provides that in any area in Ireland the competent
military authority may require every person to remain
within doors between such hours as may be specified.


MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 1919.

Arrest:- Alec MacCabe, M.P., for South Sligo was arrested
by a large force of police in Sligo. The Mayor of Sligo
called at the gaol to see him but was refused entrance.

Suppressions:- An Aeridheacht at Finglas, Co. Dublin,
yesterday was suppressed by British military and police.
It was for the purpose of raising funds for a new Catholic
Church in the parish. Castleblayney police went round the
town and tore down posters advertising the Dail Eireann
Loan. Carrick-on-Suir and Nenagh (both in County Tipp.)
markets have been again prohibited. A Sinn Fein meeting,
comprising 1,000 people, was suppressed at Ballinasloe,
Co. Galway, on Saturday by a force of 400 R.I.C. with two
Inspectors, two County Inspectors and 76 soldiers with
rifles, bayonets, and grenades in support. The Most Rev.
Dr. Fogarty, Lord Bishop of Killaloe, writes to the press
to say that a letter from him to Michael Collins, M.P.,
enclosing a cheque for £100 was never delivered. His
Grace states:- “No one can safely consign a remittance
through that branch of the public service”. (i.e. the Post
Armed Assaults:- As a football match was about to begin
at the Finglas Aeridheacht the British forces arrived and
took possession of the ball. Great excitement prevailed
when the police drew batons and cleared the field.
Fortunately no one was seriously injured. During the
suppression of a Sinn Fein meeting at Ballinasloe
mentioned above, the police made several assaults on the
people. Men, women, and children were knocked down
in the rush, the police using their batons freely. Two men
were injured about the head and had to receive medical
attendance. Traders had to close their premises, the
windows of some having been broken. The excitement
lasted for about one hour and a half.
Courtmartial:- Richard A. Johnston, National University,
Dublin, was tried by courtmartial on a charge of possessing
a revolver and cartridges without a permit.
Sentence:- Johnston was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment
with hard labour.
Militarism:- A military lorry conveyed a quantity of the
shop goods seized in May last by the military and police
and returned them to the Misses. Sharkey, Strokestown.
They had been kept in Boyle military barracks, and
consisted of drapery, newspapers, tobacco, and cigarettes,
etc. Nearly all the articles are in a very damaged and
unsalable condition. The Lord Mayor of Dublin again
visited the political prisoners in Mountjoy gaol, Dublin,
yesterday. He found 38 of them still in handcuffs, and
learned that none were allowed to go to Mass on Sunday.
Raids:- The police raided the Sinn Fein Hall and outhouses
in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. They commandeered
two bandoliers, an Irish Republican flag, and a hurley.
Proclamation:- A meeting on the Irish Transport Workers’
Union was proclaimed in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th, 1919.

Arrests:- John O’Farrell, Athlone, was arrested while visiting
an aunt in Walker Street, Armagh. During a Raid on his
residence in Athlone a revolver and ammunition had been
found. Stephen Wyse, farmer, Coxtown, Gort, Co.Galway,
with an employee, James O’Rourke, have been arrested.
A revolver had been found in a raid on Wyse’s house.
Sentence:- Alec MacCabe, M.P., for South Sligo, arrested
last Saturday was charged with “unlawful assembly”
advocating the buying of Dail Eireann bonds. He was
remanded in custody until Friday.
Proclamation:- Another extension of the powers of the
D.O.R. Act as applied to Ireland is proposed.
Court-Martial:- Michael Aherne, Clonakilty, Co. Cork,
was tried by an English Courtmartial on a charge of
having in his possession documents, the publication of
which might cause disaffection. Police tore down Dail
Eireann Prospectus posters in Waterford during the night.
Nenagh Ivy Dance Club class have suspended their biweekly
practice dances owing to proclamations. A
deputation waited on Captain Williamson, consisting of
Tipperary magistrates in connection with the restrictions
of fairs and markets in Tipperary. Capt. Williamson
replies that “the fairs and markets in Tipperary did not
interest him in the slightest. All he had to do was if
requested to send out soldiers to help the police.
Before coming there he had written to Dublin asking the
policy of the Government and the answer he would give
magistrates. He got a telegram from his Commanding
Officer stating that no useful purpose would be served by
receiving a deputation, as question was one for the
Government”. There was no postal delivery at Sinn Fein
Headquarters or Eireann offices yesterday. Since Saturday
only one letter has been allowed through by the Post
Office. Telegrams from the country have also been


Militarism:- 46 Sinn Fein Prisoners are still on hunger
strike in Mountjoy Prison. 36 are in handcuffs, and 8 in
hospital. Police from the surrounding districts assembled
at Youghal, Co. Cork, for bombing practice.
Sentences:- Messrs. Griffin, Shanahan and O’Meara,
recently released from Mountjoy gaol, were find 40/-
each for damaging their cells during the recent strike for
political treatment made by the prisoners
Raids:- A party of police under Head Constable M’Grath
raided Selskar House, Wexford, the residence of Dr. J.
Ryan, M.P. for South Wexford. They made an Exhaustive
search but found nothing.
Armed Assaults:- Police entered the Sinn Fein Club at
Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, and ordered the dispersal of the
meeting. This was refused, and the police returned to the
barracks for their rifles. When they returned they fired
two shots and in this way succeeded in dispersing the
crowd. Armed police while endeavouring to stop a dance
in the Young Men’s Hall, Cloughjordan, used their
batons and a few people were injured.
Courtmartial:- Francis Neville, Kinnitty, King’s Co., was
tried by an English Court Martial at Ship Street Barracks,
Dublin, for having four rounds of rifle ammunition in his
possession. Neville stated that he had got them from
soldiers from time to time. The decision will be promulgated.
Suppressions:- The Monday fair in Cloughjordan was
prevented by British soldiers. The usual practice dance in
the Young Men’s Hall, Cloughjordan was stopped on
Sunday night by police.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 1919.

Militarism:- Six more prisoners have been removed from
Mountjoy prison to the Mater Hospital, Dublin
Proclamations:- An order purporting to be made under the
Crimes Act of 1887, and signed by General T. Shaw,
Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Occupation and Ian
MacPherson, Chief Secretary of Ireland, was published
yesterday, proclaiming Sinn Fein, Sinn Fein Clubs, Irish
Volunteers, Cumann na mBan, and the Gaelic League, in
the City and County of Dublin. This is the fourth area in
which organisations have been suppressed.
Arrests:- W. M. Swanton, Chemist, Berehaven, Co. Cork,
was arrested on Tuesday for displaying notices in his
shop window in connection with the Dail Eireann Loan.
Sentences:- Refusing to give bail, W. M. Swanton was
remanded in custody for 8 days to Bandon Petty Sessions.
Armed Assaults:- Police searched J. Ryan, assistant at
Messrs. Fogarty Bros., Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.
Raids:- J. Ryan, mentioned above, had his bedroom raided
and searched by the police. Police raided the house of
Mrs. M’Aroe, Lisbellow, and seized Sinn Fein literature
and stationery of the Irish Assurance Company for which
her son is agent. All newspaper and printing offices in
Tralee were raided yesterday by British military and
police. Exhaustive searches were made, but nothing was
found. The following are the offices searched:- “Kerryman”
and “Liberator”; “Kerry News”, “Kerry Weekly Reporter”,
and “Killarney Echo”, “Kerry People”, and the “Kerry
Sentinel” printing works.
Sentences:- Patrick Clancy, Killaloe, Co. Clare, was
sentenced to two months imprisonment with hard labour
for “unlawful assembly”. J. E. Kelly, J.P., Heath Hall,
Newry, was fined for possessing a gun without a permit.
Philip Cormack, D.C., Graiguefochane, Co. Tipperary
was fined £8 for having a double barrel shotgun without
a permit.
Suppressions:- A permit for the holding of a fair in
Templemore, Co. Tipperary was refused by the
“authorities”. A dance in Templetuohy village, Co.
Tipperary was suppressed by British military and police
on Sunday night. The Town Improvement Committee,
Portumna, Co. Galway, have been refused a permit for a
coming fair.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 1919.

Suppressions:- The annual Convention of Sinn Fein, to be
held yesterday in the Mansion House, Dublin, was
suppressed by British military and police. Over 120
armed police took possession of Dawson Street, in which
is situated the Mansion House. Three Companies of
British military armed with rifles, bayonets and Lewis
guns, also took up a position in Dawson Street. Armoured
cars patrolled the city. Police were also stationed in the
vicinity of Harcourt Street, where are the Sinn Fein
Headquarters. They were withdrawn about 10 p.m.
Armed Assaults:- Any people attempting to enter the
Mansion House were “held up” by these armed forces,
and refused admission unless they stated on what business
they wished to see the Lord Mayor.
Raid:- Armed police raided the residences of B. Stapleton
Templetuohy, Co. Tipperary, but found nothing. This is
the second raid on this house recently.
Sentences:- E. T. Keane, Editor “Kilkenny People”
Kilkenny, tried by English Court Martial at Cork on
October 8th for possessing a revolver and cartridges was
sentenced to one month’s imprisonment. Joseph Martin,
Portumna, Co. Galway, tried by Court Martial at Cork, on
October 9th, for having a “seditious document” in his
possession, was sentenced to 5 months’ imprisonment
with hard labour.
Court Martial:- W.A. Clancy, D.C., Clifden, Co Galway,
was tried by an English Court Martial on charges of
possessing a revolver and ammunition, swords and
bayonet. It was shown that these weapons were left
behind by an actor and military officer who stayed in his
house. Some of them were stage weapons. The result will
be announced later.
Sentences:- For “unlawful assembly” and for advocating
the buying of Dail Eireann Bonds, Alec McCabe, M.P.,
was sentenced to 9 months’ imprisonment with hard
labour. An R.I.C. Pensioner named Mullane, Ratcliffe,
Co. Sligo, was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment
in default of finding bail for having “seditious literature”
in his house.
Courtmartial:- For having a “seditious document” in his possession,
E. Blythe, M.P., for North Monaghan, was tried by a British
Court Martial at Ship Street Barracks, Dublin. The accused
repudiated the “document” in the course of his “trial”. The
decision will be promulgated.
Armed Assaults:- While returning from the theatre with
two friends, D. V. Rushton, an Englishman, was assaulted
by a policeman. The policeman was striking a poor
woman when Rushton interfered. It was then he was
assaulted by the policeman. Rushton was struck in the
face several times, his glasses being smashed. Two other
policemen stood by, impassive spectators of the whole
Arrest:- Stephen O’Connor, New Street, Macroom, was
arrested, relieved of literature, believed to refer to the Dail
Eireann Loan, and then released.


Irish Bulletin
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Volume 2, 3rd May 1920 to 31st August 1920. 540pp.
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