Who is this Lady?

Hello, I am wondering if you might help me in identifying a family member from a photo. I am the little girl, and this dear lady must be one of my father’s first cousins. The photo must have been taken around 1971 during one of our visits to Ireland. This lady may be related to us on my grandmother’s side (Casey) or perhaps my grandfather’s side of the family (O’Brien). This was most likely taken in Millstreet. I would love to know who she is because I remember her giving me that doll. Thank you very much! – Alice O’Brien Gunther. [1]

A. As confirmed in the comments below, this is a photo of Mary Kelleher of Minor Row and later Clara Road.

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  1. Yes the lady in the photograph is my mother, Mary Kelleher, formerly of Minor Row, Millstreet & later of Clara Road. However, I have no recollection of the girl in my mother’s arms.

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