Sports Ability Day at Banteer

IRD Duhallow in conjunction with Cork Sports Partnership will hold a Sports Ability Day on Saturday 25th September from 10am – 12pm in Banteer Community Centre.  The Sports Ability Day aims to promote Sport & Physical Activity to people with a disability in Duhallow.  On the day IRD Duhallow in conjunction with Cork Sports Partnership will demonstrate the sports available to people with any type of disability.  This event will provide people with the opportunity to try out a wide variety of sports and physical activities.  The Sports Ability Day will be open to everyone including people with a disability, coaches, special needs assistants, parents, youth club leaders, carers, facility managers and anyone with an interest in promoting sport and physical activity for people with a disability.  From this Sports Ability Day, it is hoped to demonstrate that there is a sport out there for everyone to participate in and we would hope to set up some new clubs and make existing clubs within the Duhallow area more inclusive.

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