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  1. Hi, I do hope there is someone on the end of this email that can help me or at the very least point me in the right direction. My wife and I {Lynda} are seriously contemplating a move to Millstreet from our home in Essex.However there are a number of issues that need to be overcome before this can take place, my number one concern is the continuing schooling of my 5yr old thoroughbread cross ‘Tilly’ did not have a good start in life and as a result was a very difficult young lady to deal, but this last year or so has seen a dramatic improvement in Tilly’s behaviour and confidence.And I put a lot of this down to the very sensitive nature of the schooling that she is getting at the moment.Tilly gets schooled twice x half an hour a week at the moment and I would like this to continue, if there is someone in the Millstreet area who could help me that would be fantastic. A reply would be welcome, many thanks <email>

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