Where The Road Takes Me

We thank Presenter John Greene for advance notice of this evening’s programme on C103.  (S.R.)

On ‘Where the road takes me’ this Sunday evening, we bring you the second of three programmes which look at the life, career and legacy of Professor Gerry o’Sullivan from Caheragh, who died almost exactly five years ago.

This week we speak to his brother Donal, who tells us that by hook or by crook Gerry would always make it to school every day, even if it meant having to walk the ten mile round trip to Skibbereen.

His wife Breeda talks about the nightmare for any consultant, when they are required to break the news to any patient that nothing more can be done for them

Believing passionately that a cure would be found for aggressive cancers, Gerry o’Sullivan set up the Cork Cancer Research Centre, which has since evolved into an ultra- modern facility, which now houses clinicians and scientists under one roof.

At the centre, we meet Principal Investigator Dr. Mark Tangney who fills us in on their main research topic, which is turning bugs into drugs..

Join John Greene for – ‘Professor Gerry o’Sullivan – Surgeon of Renown – Legacy of hope’. The 2nd of three programmes can be heard on ‘Where the road takes me’, this Sunday evening at 7pm on C103.

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