John & Margaret McCarthy Dennehy marriage 1936

We are trying to find the family of John and Margaret McCarthy Dennehy  of Rathduane/Millstreet who were married 15 Feb. 1936. John is the son of Timothy Dennehy, and Margaret is the daughter of John McCarthy and wife Mary Morgan McCarthy.
Margaret is the younger sister of John McCarthy who immigrated to USA, and we think John is the grandfather of Diane.
If you are part of the McCarthy/Dennehy family of Rathduane, please contact us.
Diane Rollo:   <email>
George Pearson:  <email>


Some Links to links (added by the admin mdc):

  1. Marriage Registration of John Dennehy and Margaret McCarthy on 15 February 1936, in Millstreet Church
  2. 1901 Census – McCarthys of Rathduane
  3. 1911 census – McCarthy of Rathduane
  4. 1911 census – Dennehys of Tullig (possible match)
  5. Marriage of DANIEL MCCARTHY and MARY MORGAN  on 16 February 1890 in Millstreet Church (by Charles O’Sullivan C.C.)


4 thoughts on “John & Margaret McCarthy Dennehy marriage 1936”

    1. Excuse my error:
      Margaret is the daughter of John McCarthy and wife Mary Morgan McCarthy.
      I should have written that Margaret is the daughter of DANIEL Mccarthy and wife Mary Morgan McCarthy. (John is Margaret’s older brother)

  1. Hi Ray,
    Nice to meet you and thanks for writing.
    I’ll contact you via the email address that Margaret sent.

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