New Book: The Irish Rascals – Our Gang

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We have all heard of the famous “Little Rascals”, well here in Ireland in the 80’s lived seven Irish Rascals. The Irish Rascals is a children’s book resurrecting childhood adventures of seven children. The children’s book is about a group of neighbours and their adventures. Created by Patricia O’Sullivan, a new Irish Author and (one of the original Irish Rascals known as Patsy). Patricia rooted “Our Gang” in real life adventures at Duarrigle castle and down the Blackwater River in a home-made water raft!

The premise of these short stories shows “a group of kids who were having fun”. (From left to right) Patsy, Timmy, Maggie, Peggy “Nora-Batty”, little Kate and Jackie. Timmy was by far the biggest rascal always playing tricks on the girls, on one particular adventure burning poor old Maggie’s bum with nettles!

Some of the shorts around this time, particularly “Picnic by the River” contain extended scenes of Timmy tormenting the girls.
The Irish Rascals not only brings back wonderful memories of the “The Irish Rascals” conversely will encourage children today to use their own imaginations in play and have fun adventures in their childhood.

Online worldwide now! Due in bookshops this Christmas…..

** Book Launch at Ballyseedy Garden Centre on the 8th December! **


Duarrigle Castle stands above the Blackwater, about three miles outside Millstreet, just off the Millstreet – Cullen road, beside where the author Patricia O’Sullivan grew up. Read about and see Duarrigle  Castle in our history article:

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