Bernard O’Donoghue’s Interview on “Evening Echo” Re His Weekend

Renowned Poet, Bernard O’Donoghue of Oxford and Cullen provided some wonderful responses (one of which we illustrate here) for the Interviewer from Cork’s “Evening Echo” on Friday, 15th February 2013 in the “My Weekend” series.   (S.R.)


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1 thought on “Bernard O’Donoghue’s Interview on “Evening Echo” Re His Weekend”

  1. Bernard O Donoghue the County Cork born poet
    He is a person of literary note
    From Cullen in Duhallow he is famed Worldwide
    Far beyond the borders of his home countryside

    An Oxford Professor of Medieval English to poetic renown he did rise
    On his winning of the prestigious Whitbread Poetry Prize
    Amongst the great poets of the World he takes his place
    As the pride of his clan and a credit to his race

    One of the major poets of the literary World of today
    With words Bernard O Donoghue does have a way
    In poetic circles his is an acclaimed name
    He stands with poetry’s best on the summit of fame

    He has earned the title of a poetic great
    Such beauty in his words Bernard does create
    In Worldwide literary circles one held in high esteem
    But humble in his ways is how he does seem

    From the home-place of the late Edward Walsh another literary man to celebrate
    With the best poets of the World Bernard O Donoghue does rate
    Though at least four decades beyond his physical prime
    His poetic legend has grown through the Seasons of time.

    “Bernard O Donoghue” is by Francis Duggan

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