Kelleher / Sweeney from Aubane

Greetings from the USA. My mothers family came from Millstreet. This is the info I have: Patrick D. Kelleher born in the Aubane section of Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland on 3-15-1851. He was the son of Daniel and Mary (Sweeney) Kelleher. He came to the USA about 1871, bringing with him his sister’s youngest daughter. He settled first at Factory Hollow in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA living there with his sister Mrs. Mary Daley. He was at marriage a farmer living in Greenfield aged 28.

I have been over to Ireland the last three years in a row. I brought my mother the last 2 trips, one of which we did take a short trip to Millstreet to look at gravestones. Could not find a Kelleher headstone anywhere……..poor attempt at humor! So many Kellehers and Sweeneys that I could never sort it out. I will be making a trip again in 2017. Any connections on distant relatives would be appreciated.

Thank you, Larry Bruffee

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  1. Larry,

    My GGF was Patrick McNulty who married Mary Creedon in Millstreet in 1867. Mary’s parents were Patrick Creedon and Margaret Kelleher. Witnesses were Michael Murphy and Maria Kellerher.

    Have been to Millstreet 4 times in last 7 years and successful in finding connection to family.

    Contact me if I can help.

    Paul (Atlanta, GA)

  2. Larry try Clondrohid Cemetery it is full of Kellehers and the tradition in Ireland was that it people would be buried with there ancestors. Looking at John Grenham there were more Kellehers born in Clondrohid then any other places in Ireland. Clondrohid is the home of the Kellehers.

    1. Hi. Yes there are many families of Kellehers buried in Clondrohid Cemetery but if you do not have a headstone very difficult to find. Several generations of families may be buried in the one grave.

  3. Hello,
    Mary Ann Kelliher (Neagle), my wife’s great grandmother, born Boston Massachusetts USA.
    Mary Ann’s parents ,born Ireland, Lackabane Millstreet residents. Name’s Daniel (1891) and Mary Manning-Kelliher.
    What we are looking for is: were these Kelliher’s of limited means (farmers)? Or of some status? Bottom line is we wonder how this family survived the Potato Famine?
    We understand this may be a bit much to ask. Whatever information you can relay is appreciated.

    1. Realistically, it’s impossible to know their situation in the potato famine which happened in the 1840’s … but here are my thoughts:
      Mary Manning lived in Tanyard (in Lackabane townland) when she was married in 1888. What was there were a few small houses. Her father was a labourer.
      Mary’s husband Timothy Kelleher was from Aubane, a carpenter, and son of a farmer, from a place noted for small farms, and a subsistence existence.

      I would doubt they were of status, and I would have to think that neither family had it easy during the famine, but people did survive in one shape or form, and conditions turned around fairly quickly after 1850, to some sort of normality.

      You should ask your cousin. He left a comment here last March:

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