Where you can get your copy of “Ready, Willing, Waiting”

2016-03-12 Book Cover - Ready, Willing, Waiting - Keale, Millstreet, Mushera, Rathduane Irish Volunteers 1916 - for saleReady Willing Waiting
Keale, Millstreet, Mushera, Rathduane
Irish Volunteers 1916

Follllowing numerous enquiries on where to buy the book, here is a list of the shops where the book is available for sale:

  • Wordsworth, the Square Millstreet,
  • Centra, The West End,
  • Guerin’s Shop Ballydaly,
  • Angland’s Petrol Station, Dromagh,
  • Banteer Post Office,
  • Kanturk Bookshop, and
  • Macroom Bookshop.

Price: €12

11 thoughts on “Where you can get your copy of “Ready, Willing, Waiting””

    1. Hi Russell,
      The book does not have an ISBN number, but is available in local bookshops. If you live abroad and have relatives or friends living locally they may be able to assist you, if not contact Michael at this website and he’ll forward my email address to you and we can make the necessary arrangements. Sales are brisk and I would advise you to get your copy sooner rather than later.

  1. Hi Russell.
    I sent you a message back on Facebook yesterday morning.
    Let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

  2. Hi Michael, could you please send me the email details for Noreen, as mentioned in her note of March 20

    also thanks to Nimah from Wordsworth, in Millstreet, for her information

  3. Hope you got sorted Russell. Sorry I missed your call today. Thanks for ringing. Much appreciated.

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