River View Holiday House

River View – Millstreet, Co Cork

River View: Cottage in picturesque setting. Ideal touring base adjacent to Cork, Mallow and Killarney. Short drive to Millstreet town and Country Park. A getaway from it all with beautiful views and the comfort of modern conveniences.

  • Saturday changeover /pets welcome
  • short breaks accepted
  • private garden / patio
  • bed linen / towels provided free of charge
  • washing machine
  • patio
  • dishwasher
  • TV / Video/ DVD
  • children welcome
  • open fire
  • private parking for up to 3 cars
  • Electricity / heating charge
  • fridge – freezer

More details below:

Air conditioning Balcony or Outdoor Space
BBQ Children Welcome
Close to Beach Close to transport links
Cots / highchairs available Credit Cards Accepted
Disabled Accessible Dishwasher
Evening Meals Ground Floor Bedroom
Internet Access Laundry Facilities
Leisure Facilities Licenced
Near Golf Course Open All Year
Parking Pets welcome by Arrangement
Rural Location Spa or Beauty Treatments Available
Swimming Pool onsite Town Location


Contact Kathleen by:
email: <email>
phone: +353 (0)29 58188

note: 2013-01-30: further information was available on the Irish Farmhouse Holidays site, and on Cottages Online ( but the holiday house seems to have been removed from these websites 🙁  (mdc)

10 thoughts on “River View Holiday House”

  1. A chairde,

    I have been noticing, in recent times, that there has been an ever increasing amount of front page advertising on the millstreet website or on the “facebook” page?

    By all means have an accommodation page, but put links to it from the main page……..dont just stick it up on the home page.
    Pretty soon every “Tom, Dick or Harry” with a business will want to put their business up there.

    And isnt the website about Millstreet news, events and people?

    Is mise le meas,

    1. ok, here’s the crux of the matter. if a person from the community who runs a local business comes to you and asks to put something on the site, what do you do? Do you put in the background where nobody will notice?
      I think it is fair to at least give them a chance (especially with the times we live in), and to allow people to be aware of what is on offer, but in no way will they be allowed to overrun the site. the article will be off the front page soon enough

      Consider this: without local business, there is little or no community … just people driving out of town to work, shop and everything else.

      *note: the facebook page is essentially a mirror of millstreet.ie. when something is published on millstreet.ie, it is automatically published on the facebook page.

    2. I need contact information for Riverview Cottage; the links provided don’t seem to work. Can someone post an email address, post address or phone number?

      For what its worth, the only reason I accessed your site is to find a place to stay.


      1. hi William,
        indeed the links above are not working, i’ve added the direct contact info to the bottom of the article. these are:
        email: <email>
        phone: +353 (0)29 58188

        thanks for letting us know
        micahel (admin)

  2. A chairde go leit,

    I agree that it is fine to promote local businesses, so why not. However, does anyone remember the amount of front page advertising for River View Holiday House?
    Surely we dont need to know if there is a “fridge/freezer” present (on the Millstreet.ie front page). How about a small discreet advert in and have a link to more information.

    I see just on the right hand side of this page a nice discreet advert for “A1 Tuition” under ‘Local Links’

    And surely an additional link on the main picture of Clara Mtn saying “Accommodation” or “Where to stay?” might be an improvement. I do know the accommodation is found under “Information” already, but why not make it a bit more obvious?

    Anyhow anyone looking at the Millstreet site will not first be looking there for a place to stay. They are going to be looking at it because there is probably something of interest that they have heard about or has directed them to there from elsewhere. Hopefully from there, they can see what the town/area is like. And if they like what they see then maybe they will consider coming to stay, hence the use of “Accommodation” links.
    Its quite simple.

    So if a “person from the community” does approach and asks to have advertising there then let them have their advertising. There is a perfectly good page for that where everyone else with rooms to rent also have theirs.

    Oh, bye the way, I too am a member of the community. I was born three miles outside town and have always lived here. The website is fantastic with lots of little bits of news and interesting oddities.
    Lets hope it wont be overrun with advertising.
    Is mise le meas,

    1. hi Seamus,

      For the 10+ years that millstreet.ie has been going, all parts of the community have been welcomed to put their wares up on their site.

      In fact we have held the view that millstreet.ie belongs to everyone living in the Millstreet area and it gives them a platform to advertise, voice an opinion, put up pictures, or anything they wish as long as it is not considered offensive.

      Now to say that any group of the community should not be treated the same as others (in this case companies) is effectively to me the same as saying “there should be no sport on the front of the site because I don’t like sport”. In any published media you will not be interested in everything and one just skips over them, and doesn’t think any more of them.

      Specifically on adverts this year, there have been 7 adverts out of 342 articles. Now that could hardly be considered as over-running the site by any stretch of the imagination, and it should also be noted that when adverts are put up, they actually do attract a good deal of attention. Anyway, where else would they advertise that has such a large local readership?

      As for your suggestions on site redesign, we know that the site is not prefect by any stretch of the imagination, because it has expanded a lot since last August when it was redesigned, so the design probably needs to change a little again to allow for the change in content and readership trends. All suggestions will be considered as to how to make the site better and more accessible. But all the work on the site is voluntary, and (as I’m the one implementing the design) I honestly don’t have time or energy at this time of the year to put a much of effort into redesigning the site.

      There’s an adage about websites that I learned maybe fifteen years ago, that “Content is king … and always will be” – meaning that: generally the more useful and interesting content a website has, the more successful it will be, regardless of how the site is presented. This is because more people will want to visit it again and again, this is especially true if a website is constantly adding more and more content on a regular basis be it articles, tutorials, news and opinion or whatever.

      … so lets just leave the content drive the site and welcome everyone to participate with open arms whom ever they are.


  3. I LOVE the website and I trust completely the Volunteers who manage it. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the town and surrounding area. (I hope I got the maths problem correct!!)

    1. Thanks Anne, we do our best when we can.
      spologies about the math thing which was introduced recently. The amount of spam messages we were getting was getting out of hand (4,000+ per day, and growing), it was slowing down the site, and was wasting our time. it’s not too hard i hope, but it’s working for us 🙂

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