Kilcorney man caught up in the Paris Attacks

Our thoughts & prayers with the Kilcorney man who played role in safeguarding the lives of his girlfriend and others, during the haenous attacks in Paris last Friday. They were attending the concert in the Bataclan Theatre when terrorists entered the hall and sprayed gunfire into the crowd. Unfortunately he was injured, and remains in hospital, where he is stable, and has his family at his side. We sincerely hope that hope he makes full and speedy recovery.

We’d also like to offer our thoughts and support to all of our many friends in France at this most difficult time.


Patricia Messenger from C103FM had the following piece on her show this morning:

Irishman shot in Bataclan praised for shielding his girlfriend – Irish Independent

Irish citizen stable after being shot at Bataclan – Irish Times

Irishman shot in Paris terror attacks in ‘serious but stable condition’ after surgery – Irish Mirror

Paris Hero: Millstreet man is being hailed as a hero – 96FM

‘We said our goodbyes when we realised what was happening us’ – Young Irish couple ‘beyond lucky’ to survive Paris terror attack – Irish Independant

Audio: Irish survivors of Paris attacks ‘beyond lucky’ to survive – David’s Girlfriend Katie describes what happened on the 9 o clock news – RTÉ One. It’s also on the 9 News on RTÉ Player from 10:45 to 13:46 (16th Nov) 3mins long

Irish couple ‘played dead’ as gunmen carried out attacks – Irish Times

Young Irish survivor hailed as a hero after Paris theatre massacre – Irish Independent

PARIS ATTACKS: Cork girl says ‘we are beyond lucky to be alive’ after boyfriend shot at concert – Irish Examiner

“We said our goodbyes.” – Irish couple’s miraculous escape from Bataclan horror – Katie Healy described how her and her boyfriend escaped despite him being shot –

Audio: ‘I saw the gunman’s foot directly beside us’ – Katie did an interview with NewsTalk Radio (17th Nov) 8mins 20secs long

PARIS ATTACKS: Katie Healy pays emotional tribute to boyfriend David Nolan for saving her life in Bataclan theatre (Irish Examiner – 18th Nov)

Irish couple played dead to avoid being killed in Paris concert hall (Irish Central 18th Nov)

Paris Massachre was David’s second time cheating death (the Corkman 19th Nov)

Together we will heal – David will have long recovery after Paris shooting (the Corkman 19th Nov)

TV: Katie appeared on the Ray D’Arcy Show (RTÉ One – 21st Nov) (from 00:00 to 18:25)

Bataclan survivor Katie Healy opens up about ‘guardian angels’ that helped her and her boyfriend after their escape (Irish Mirror 22nd Nov)

Wounded Irishman to be honoured at ceremony in Paris – The French Ambassador to Ireland, Jean-Pierre Thebault, has told TDs and senators that the family and friends of David Nolan will be honoured at the special commemorative ceremony at the historic Les Invalides (Evening Herald)

Irish couple who survived Bataclan attack say its ‘just too soon’ to attend memorial gig – (February 2016)

Bataclan survivors reveal they are expecting their first child one year after horror attack (Nov 2016)

Love got us through the Bataclan attack – now our precious baby girl is helping heal the pain – Snuggling in her mother’s arms is the precious baby girl who has brought light into the lives of Bataclan survivors Katie Healy and David Nolan. The Irish couple were inches from death during the massacre in the Paris concert hall when, terrified, they whispered their last goodbyes, never imagining they’d live to have children. (June 2017)


2015-11-18 Front page of the Irish Daily Mail
2015-11-18 Front page of the Irish Daily Mail





David Nolan and Katie Healy on BBC Newsnight (2015-12-17)
David Nolan and Katie Healy on BBC Newsnight (2015-12-17) (details below)

4 thoughts on “Kilcorney man caught up in the Paris Attacks”

  1. Hi
    I was sorry to read of David Nolan from Shanakiel outside Millstreet who was shot in the recent terrorist attack in Paris. Our family were wondering if anyone would have a contact address for David or his family so as we can send a small get well gift.
    Karl <email>

  2. David gave his first interview since the Bataclan attack on BBC Newsnight last evening (Dec 17th)

    The program interviewed six people that were at the concert that night where 89 people were killed. It makes for very powerful, moving and disturbing viewing.

    The Irish Independent have transcribed David and Katie’s interview on their website here:

    The program can be watched on the BBC iPlayer here:

    update: it’s up on youTube now

    but it is only available if you’re in Britain 🙁

    … however as a workaround, if you use the “Google Chrome Browser” with the “BBC iPlayer Proxy” add-on, you can watch it from anywhere 🙂

    David Nolan and Katie Healy on BBC Newsnight (2015-12-17) David Nolan and Katie Healy on BBC Newsnight (2015-12-17)

    Here is a short clip from the interview:

  3. Of the praises of brave people so many do sing
    And sheer bravery for true love is such an unselfish thing
    In the Bataclan Theater in Paris David Nolan shielded his girlfriend Katie Healy from the terrorist gunfire
    For his act of bravery born of unselfish true love him one can only admire

    Though badly wounded on one of his legs he shielded Katie on the floor
    Where bravery was needed he was one to the fore
    With people dead and dying all around them David coolly kept his head
    Save for his presence of mind he and Katie would be among the dead

    David is a true living hero of him one only can say
    And the Human World is in need of many more like him today
    A truly brave fellow in a situation where courage many would fail
    The people of Kilcorney in him have a young hero to hail

    To be in the wrong place at the wrong time is part of life’s circumstance
    And this is how David and Katie found themselves in Paris in France
    When into the Bataclan Theater the deranged criminals crept in from the streets of night
    And left death and bloodshed behind them on what was before their arrival a beautiful sight

    Where so many good people did not come out of alive
    David and Katie were among the lucky who did survive
    His presence of mind him and his girlfriend did save
    From the guns of fundamentalist terrorists of an early grave.

    “On David Nolan’s Act Of Bravery” is by Francis Duggan


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