River Runner

Briery Gap, Macroom will be screening “River Runner” – A full length documentary looking at the damage done by development to the wildlife and surrounding areas of the famous River Lee, County Cork.
Monday 19th January 2015 at 8:30pm
Admission €7 [booking & details]


We live in an era where many shrouded, dark secrets of Ireland’s past have been broken wide open. River Runner is an in-depth documentary film that highlights some of the murkier events that now lie buried beneath the impounded waters of one of Ireland’s larger rivers, the River Lee in County Cork, Ireland. As its central core the film uses the sad dilemma of the River Lee’s Wild Atlantic Salmon to convey the disturbing truth of what happened to this once famed and spectacular river, just a mere sixty years ago. In doing so it brings to light several tragedies that have been hidden away all this time, and by some, hopefully forgotten. What happened to the Rive Lee is not just a local issue but a Global one. In the last forty years Global Animal Species Populations have collapse by a staggering 52%. If ail citizens of the Earth begin to RESPECT NATURE we can reverse this trend. Let us begin by respecting ‘OUR OWN LOVELY LEE. Here, like never before, the true story of what was done to Cork’s ‘Own Lovely Lee’ is finally unveiled.

See more on the documentary by the filmmakers at: http://mp2films.com/2014/05/01/riverrunner/

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