Oral History training in Duhallow 2012

IRD Duhallow is funding a training project in Oral Heritage Studies which will examine the wealth of our recorded folklore and oral history sources in Ireland at local and national level. This training forms part of a wider project in Duhallow to document elements of our heritage, local history and genealogy. “Oral History” can be a difficult term to describe but IRD Duhallow is seeking to perform training for the people of Duhallow to allow them to record both formal and informal accounts through the spoken word. This training is seeking to preserve others firsthand accounts of the past and to record these accounts accurately. While libraries and classrooms are full of history books, these books may only portray a small portion of our community’s true history. We are linking in with the University of Limerick over a 24 week period ensuring that the course will be participative and skills based. Participants will receive training in interviewing, writing, digitisation and presentation skills. For more information or an application form please contact Mary Mc Hugh on 029 60633.

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