Protest in Frankfurt

Well done to the 15 members off the Charlevile/Ballyhea group “No to the bondholders bailout” and the support from the surrounding parishes in protesting outside the ECB Bank this morning the 6th June. They were present when the head of the ECB bank Mario Draghi turned up.
They presented their letter of demands to the head of the Irish central bank Patrick Honahan. They also got the attention off the Irish media with interviews from Morning Ireland on RTE 1 and our own C103fm and 96fm – from Lynette  

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Audio above (from 33:28 to 38:00) is of Diarmuid O’Flynn who represents the Charlevile/Ballyhea group “No to the bondholders bailout” speakign on RTÉ Radio 1 Morning Ireland this morning (June 6th). [note: the audio is a large file and will take a little time to load to the interview]

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  1. My Mom Helen Sullivan (nee Helen Barrett) from Ballyhea would be just proud of the fine folks from her home town standing up for such an important protest, me being a Yank I will not take a position about the economy of Europe or Ireland, sad Mom cannot be next to me on the computer and see her home town taking such a stand. John A Sullivan Raleigh, North Carolina

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