“Radio Treasures” Tonight Features George, Denis & Charleville

On this Tuesday – 21st May 2024 … preceded by “Jimmy Reidy & Friends” with a wonderful programme (no. 96) from the  splendid Archival Series where the focus is on Castlemartyr  at 8pm (the repeat of which one may hear on Sunday night at 10pm) we invite you to also tune into “Radio Treasures” this Tuesday from 9.15 to 11.30pm on Cork Music StationPlease note that our CMS Website is now back  in operation but there are also other ways to listen to CMS by using the “Radio Garden” App, by the “Tune In” App or by Alexa.   At 9.30pm we continue with Episode Three of our new series on Charleville.   At 10.10pm we meet Denis O’Mahony who on Sunday, 2nd June is scheduled to climb Ireland’s Highest Mountain (in Co. Kerry) in aid of “Breakthrough Cancer Research”  At 10.30pm we interview George F. Langan during his recent visit to Munster.  Lots more of our regular items also.   Feel very welcome to contact the live programme by emailing corkmusicstation @gmail.com or texting 086 825 0074 – One may also WhatsApp that number.   Tap on the images below to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Meeting our Friends in Charleville at 9.30pm.
Our Interview with Denis O’Mahony is at 10.10pm.   The link to the wonderfully praiseworthy fundraising Project is as follows:  https://www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/DenisOMahony
The view from the summit of Ireland’s highest mountain.
The Cross at the Summit.
We interview George F. Langan at 10.30pm.
Mervyn and Cath Sharpe pictured at the Boeing during their recent visit to Millstreet. Two of our most Loyal Listeners in the UK to “Radio Treasures”.

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