Video: Kerry Football Animals

Seeing as we here in the Millstreet Parish border the Kingdom, we are hearing that some of our farmers are having the same troubles as their compatriots further south on the Cork – Kerry border:

West Cork farmers are doing their best to look after disillusioned Kerry supporters as many of them turn up in their fields.

All in the spirit of the upcoming All-Ireland Final (Sunday 20th September 2009) between Cork and Kerry. The video is of course a reference to Paidí O’Shea’s infamous comment about the Kerry supporters being “animals”

Come on the REBELS!
There are some video clips from the Cork v Kerry games earlier in the year below:

2009 Cork v Kerry Replay : First Half : Part 1

2009 Cork v Kerry Replay : Second Half : Part 4

Pierce O’Neill (Cork) goal – Cork v Kerry 2009

Man Of The Match – Anthony Lynch – 2009 Cork v Kerry Replay

2009 Cork v Kerry Replay – Highlights and Analysis

2009 Kerry v Cork – Part 1 of 2 – Munster Senior Football Championship

2009 Cork v Kerry : Munster Final : Ladies Football

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