Eily’s Report – 9th April

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

I hope you are all well and safe following the ravishes of storm ‘Kathleen’ which put us all to the test over the weekend. Thank God, very little damage has been reported locally, perhaps we are getting better at reacting to the warnings and battening down our hatches in good time.  Or maybe by now that everything that was loose has already been blown away. Ironically we had no less than two weddings in the Parish on Saturday. It must  have been any bride’s worst nightmare. First of all the days leading up to Saturday, heavy sleety showers were driven by hurricane winds, not the sort you’d need if you were putting the final touches to your big day. There was no let-up. The adverse conditions still raged on Saturday morning, causing power cuts at homes and even at the hairdressers. Which forced some to seek help from neighbours whose power supply survived.  God was good, there was a little respite at mid-day when the sun shone out to give all the wedding parties the opportunity to make it to the church and then the rain and storm returned. What a story those couples will have to tell their grandchildren in years to come.   We wish them God’s Blessing and many years of wedded bliss in the years ahead.

I’m very pleased with the reaction that I got from putting my school photo on Facebook. I believe mine is the oldest so far. Taken in 1945/6  I am surprised myself at the fine quality of the image. Taken in 1940’s  when Ireland was a very different place, the world was a different place. 1945 world war 2 was nearing it’s end after 6 long years of conflict. Food rationing and compulsory tillage continued as we tried to get our country back on track. Taking photographs would be very low on the list of requirements. But our far-seeing teachers saw it a good idea to record things for posterity and now all those years later their thinking is bearing fruit in helping people to look back and make contacts and trace relations at a time when contact between people is so important. We hear a lot of criticism about social media today but this is one of the upshots of it.

I love watching cooking programs on television. Very often the chefs leave the kitchen and take you out onto the most amazing places as they show you where their ingredients come from. Exotic climes, high mountains and deep valleys and so on. We get the familiar with many of these cooking experts  some we like, some, well not so much. I got the most pleasant surprise on Saturday on switching on the cooking channel to see the lovely,  Mary Berry of British TV fame, enjoying her lunch at our own Kerryman’s Table. The youthful Mary of 89 travels on a side car motor bike driven by her friend. I came in just at the end of her program. I gathered that she had been on a tour of Ireland and the story of the Butter Road was enough to bring her along to see it for herself. I’m not sure of when the program was made but  on the program, it was raining while they were having their lunch, but never-the-less it in no way dampened their spirits as they talked about the people of old who made that arduous journey from North Kerry to Cork to bring their homemade spread to the grand tables of Europe.  Mary was full of praise for her trip around Ireland, saying she so enjoyed it. Well done again to Aubane who spared no effort to mount a fitting memorial so that the people who traversed the Butter Road will never be forgotten.

The closing of the Divine Mercy Novena was very inspiring on Sunday at 3 pm. As always it was very well attended. The Alter was beautifully decorated with flowers and lighted candles around the well known picture of the Lord of the Divine Mercy. Canon John presided . The Blessed Sacrament was exposed throughout and various people took part in saying the Novena prayers and the Rosary. The Church Choir attended and visiting priests held confessions. Pious Objects were blessed and Canon John made his way around the church blessing the people with Holy Water as he went.  At the end the people made their way to the alter and paid homage to the Divine Mercy. The choir sang the closing hymn, thus ending yet again a very successful Divine Mercy Novena. Buíochas le Dia.

Some things in the garden stand up to the weather much better than others. My Camelias just gave up and bowed their heads after a very short time. While the flowering current is blooming away unconcerned about the weather. Other people’s Azaleas are beautiful at the moment. Mine is about to come out and I hope it will last for a long while. Like everybody else the little birds are having a hard time, with the bad weather and you often wonder how can they build their nests. But it won’t be for the want of trying. I was looking out my back window during a fierce windy shower last week and a little bird flew into a shrub outside and I couldn’t help wondering where was he going to find a dry spot to build. Time will tell. But there is hope for an improvement with temperatures rising and a promise of a good spell in weeks to come. So  keep up the prayers for a good sowing season after all. I’m told on Facebook that the best thing for your flowers is a mix of 1 spoon brown sugar, 1 spoon bread soda and spoon white vinegar. Mix with water,  not tap, stand it overnight and apply.

The Easter holidays are over and all is back to normal again. Schools are open and classes and courses are back on. The Men’s shed is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday from 2-4pm. To  help defray their expenses they are breaking waste timber for kindling. Two bags €5. They are available in some shops in the town. Our Active Retired group enjoy their weekly coffee at the popular Kall & Dyyne restaurant in the Town Square every Thursday at 11am. Chair Yoga is open at the Day Centre every Friday from 3-4. Community singing with Marie resumes on Thursday at 7.30pm. The list goes on and on. Please keep an eye out for the ones that suits you.

There is a notice on our Mass leaflet this week to say that the organisation “ALONE” who enable old people to live out their lives in their own home are looking for volunteers to support old people in the community. Ring 080 122 2024, if you can help.

Please return your Trocaire Box this week..

 The thought for the week by Pope Francis this week is,  “Accept the risen Jesus into your life, even if you have been far away, take a small step towards him, he awaits you with open arms”

Here are the results of this weeks lotto draw which was held on Sunday night.  Numbers drawn were 4,5,14,22 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Maria Smyth, Claracleagh. The seller the Juvenile Club and they got €50 sellers prize, €50 went to Charles & Nell Cooper, c/o Corkery’s Bar, €20 each Betty Goggin, c/o Marie Twomey, Brendan Lehane, c/o Centra, Pat Buicke, c/o Tom Carroll. Annie Marie O Mahony c/o Jerry, Tarrant, Dooneen, c/o Noreen, Catherine Cleary c/o the Bush Bar, Mary Lane, Old Coach Ave. c/o Colemans. Fionn & Realth O Sadhbh c/o Corkery’s.

 Next draw April 14th Jackpot €4,000.

Sinn a bfuil a cáirde, Slán is beannacht Dé libh go léir.

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