Eily’s Report – 26th March

Dia is mhuire díobh go léir a cáirde and welcome to my Report.

Holy Week, the last week of Lent. The very thought fills us with joy and the expectation of a glorious Easter with the Sun dancing in the early morning sky.   But before all of that let us stop and think of the rest of  this week. The week when Christ died for us on the Cross on Calvary. The past five weeks of Lent have dragged by as we made our sacrifices whether big or small in preparation for the death of Jesus on Good Friday and now with only a few days to go let us up our efforts for the one last heartfelt push in His name before we let it all hang out again and feast on our goodies, go back to the smoke or tipple or whatever, happy in the thought that we did our bit.

We have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament following the 10.am Mass every Tuesday from 10.30 am to 7.30pm and the Chrism Mass will be held in the Cathedral in Killarney to-night  Tuesday at 7.

The 10 am Mass on tomorrow Wednesday is for all those whose names are on the Golden Book. The Golden Book in on the stand at the end of the church to the right of the centre, where people can write their names or the names of others and place a donation in the box for the church restoration fund.   In preparation for Easter, Penitential Services will be held in our Pastoral Churches Dromagh Monday, Kiskeam Tuesday, Rathmore Wednesday,  Millstreet Thursday.  All with a 7.30 start.

Devotions on Good Friday start at 3  and they will be followed at 4 by the opening of the Divine Mercy Novena. The Divine Novena is one of the most significant novenas of our time. Please support it well. It will be opened in Millstreet on Good Friday  following devotions and will close on Sunday April 7th ,which is Divine Mercy Sunday. Novena prayers will be said every day until then, in the church at 3 pm. Or people may say these prayers at home until closing day.

Our Easter Vigil Mass in Millstreet will be at 9 pm. Please attend our Holy Week devotions well. Easter is a very important event in our Calendar year. In other countries it is regarded as more important than Christmas. We often see this played out by our visitors from Eastern Counties. They  regard the Risen Christ even more significant than the birth of Christ. One way or the other Easter is a wonderful time.

Radio Maria Ireland on next Thursday, morning, Deacon Taydy O’Connor will talk to Margaret Carmody on Saorview 210 on your TV, or on the App Breakfast Show at 8.30. Please let me know if you get through to this program.

It’s all happening in Aubane again this Friday night March 29 when they will stage their home-produced show the a second time. The proof of the pudding is that tickets are all sold out following the good reports of the first. We wish all concerned every success again.

We  will lose  that hour’s sleep which we gained a few months ago, when our clocks go forward this Saturday night. Evenings will be brighter and even if it’s still raining we’ll have time to rush out between the showers to look at the outside world and taking of seeing things  the next time you’re down at our recycling unit if you can see where you’re to put your glass bottles and cans say Thanks Eily. For ages now we’ve paced along between the bins straining our eyes to see if it’s for clear glass or brown glass. For food cans or drinks cans the search was a pain. With the writing faded from our view  and if we are to recycle our waste as they are asking us to do, the least we might expect is to be able to see where to put them. So I went in search of who I may find who could help. Following a couple of non-starters I met the right man. I’m no good at names, I forget them right away if I don’t jot them down. The man at the gate going in, took my name and number and next morning I got a phone call from his contact who thanked me for pointing out the problem. It never occurred to him that there was one and he assured me that he would see to it right away and now I look forward to seeing without effort the next time  I and everybody else going to recycling .

There is also a problem with the catch on the door of the disabled public toilet beside the Carnegie Hall. A Wheelchair person was seen leaving it without success recently. I know it has been reported and we await the outcome.

Here are the results of this weeks Lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 5,9,10,16 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Marie O’Mahony, Cloghoula. The seller is PJ Creedon and he got €50 sellers Prize. €50 went to Angela Kelleher, West End. €20 each to Laurance McSweeney c/o Paula Healy, R. Guerin, c/o Robert & Lehane. Nadine Spillane c/o Colemans. Helen O’Sullivan, c/o Ita. Ger O’Mahony, c/o The Bridge Bar, B&M Crowley, c/o Capabu. Lisa O Callaghan, c/o Tom Carroll. Tempas Fugit c/o Lehane. Next Draw Bank Holiday, April 1st. Jackpot €3.400.

April 1, Fools day, In the past it was held in great fear of falling for  somebodies  playful prank.  It’s still around so be on your sharps and don’t let it happen to you. In the meantime I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Be seen and be safe.

Sinn a bfuil a cáirde, Slán is beannacht Dé libh go léir.





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