Eily’s Report – 7th June

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my report.

The Bank Holiday weekend brought rain and more rain, mostly at night, just as people were remarking on the rather dry conditions in the ground. Mixed blessings as some blessed the soft rain in some places while  others far from happy because of plans spoiled by the wet conditions. One wonders how our Divine Maker can please us all. I look out my window almost in disbelief at my beautiful Laburnum tree. It’s sturdy limbs weighted down with beautiful yellow tendrils in bright yellow. Maybe others wouldn’t be so moved, but since my childhood seeing them in the Convent grounds where we went to school I’ve loved them and longed for the day when I’d have my own Laburnum tree. They say that everything comes to those who wait and believe me I have waited. Didn’t get the chance till we retired and then having purchased a fine healthy sapling made the mistake of planting it near other shrubs which were well established giving the snails a launching pad to go on board my precious Laburnum and make a meal of it’s juicy foliage. Box and all they moved up to the highest limbs and took up residence until I discovered them on high when it was too late.  Enter a new plant and I waited a few years for it to mature, eventually after my long wait it flourished and put out a promising array of greenery all set to burst out in a mass of yellow. But alas it was not to be, along came a couple of days of wild wind and rain blew the  precious streamers to oblivion. I was tempted to cut it down and try something else. But decided to give it one more chance and low and behold my long wait has been rewarded. I can feast my eyes on the tranquil sight of my very own laburnum tree.  Makes no difference if it never flowers again or if I’m not here to see it, I love it now and that is all that matters.

It’s no surprise for me and others like me, to be asked about times of long ago and the changes that I’ve seen with the passage of time. When the question is put you can’t think of a thing, but it’s only in quieter moments, empty moments, that certain things spring to mind. Nobody today can imagine how noiseless the world was back then. And we have lost many of our attributes as the noisy world around intensified. We had noises that time too of course but not of the thundering kind that we have today. Take for instance the sound of the horse eating mangles after a hard day’s work, or the mother hen calling her little flock when she found something to share and her warning cry when she saw the hawk hovering overhead. The sound in the distance of the anvil at the blacksmiths yard, or the churns being emptied on the hard creamery stand. We could hear the whistle of the train two miles away.  We as children made different noises. How we loved to hear the sound when we’d lean into an empty barrel and shout with all our might, it was one thing in a tin barrel and another in a timber one. Different again in the milk churn. Further afield we would shout across the valley and cause and echo. How we loved to her the sound of our own voices coming back.  Places varied and we knew them all. At that time there were entrances to landlord’s places with the wide curved  stone walls leading into the big iron gates. Similar to the one opposite my own house  at the moment. It was strange that when a horse walked or trotted past that opening ,the clippety clop of the iron clad hooves and wheels echoed as they passed. We knew these places and looked forward to the novel sound every time. People whistled a lot that time and even though our home was quiet isolated we could hear fellows on the way home from work in the evenings giving full vent to their lungs as they belted out what ever was popular at the time. There was calm to hear one of the   cows  give a cough or contented sigh in the evening after milking time as they rested on the pleasant pasture or the sheepdog yapping because a fleeing rabbit was beating him to the burrow. None of these lovely sounds are with us today, they’ve been swallowed up by the noisy world which becomes more noisy every day, all in the name of progress.

We  all make mistakes, and I made one recently when printing a condolence on my phone. I put the wrong name down and in my dilemma I was distraught as to how to correct it. But not to worry. After much ado I scrolled down along the page past other items until I found a number which I rang and was answered by a very friendly young lady who she soon explained to me the course to take and talked me through it, until she found my blunder and she corrected it for me. I hope my experience will be of help to somebody else.

Call me Mrs. Gadget if you like but I love trying new things. This week I was given a pair of these new type specs that you can charge like your phone and turn them on when you’re reading. A blessing from God I call them. When charged they’ll keep going  about for four hours. Fit them on over your usual ones  turn on the button and away you go. I’d seen them advertised on the Telly for about €25, but before I had time to go and buy a pair, they were handed to me by a family member. With Many thanks.

I want to say a sincere word of thanks to all those who have contacted us in so many ways since the death of our dear brother Jack, and our  sister’s anniversary. All very much appreciated.

Things are starting to look up, with  so many outings etc. taking place and many others in the pipeline. Our coffee mornings, organised by our Active Retired Association, resumes  on Thursdays, this time at the popular Blue Rose Café in the West End. From 11.am. See you all there.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to our beloved near neighbours The Daly Family, Liscahane and the O’Connell Family Kinsale on the tragic death of Gillian. May the Good Lord console them in their grief and grant Gillian Eternal Rest.

The Historic  Cullen Feis Laitiarian will be held on Sunday June 12 .  Competitions start at 12noon, Sports at 3, and Entertainment from 3.30. Please support it well.

Bus going to Knock Shrine from Millstreet on June 12. Contact Jerry at 087 203 3696.


Corpus Christi Procession will be held in Millstreet following 11.30 Mass on June 19.  Eucharistic Adoration in Millstreet Church every Tuesday.

Please look up the website for  list of Masses which will be held in the Pastoral area all through the Month of June.

Mass in Cullen Cemetery this Thursday June 9, evening at 7.30.

Millstreet Vintage Club Summer Car Run takes place on Saturday Evening June 18th,Sign on in Cullen Community Centre from 4.30pm Take Off at 6pm,lovely Route laid on and its all for a great Cause in Bumbleance Childrens Ambulance Service, for more details Call Willie Fitzgerald on 087 2229874

Here are the results of this week’s lotto draw which was held on Bank Holiday Monday night. Numbers drawn were, 5,14,20,30 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to Kerry & James Gardener, Cullen, The seller was Rita O’Reilly and she got €50 sellers Prize, €50 went to John Cleary c/o The Bridge Bar. €20 each to Nana From Bally c/o Marie Twomey. Kevin Hickey, Kilmeedy, Benny Murphy, c/o Rita O’Reilly, Eoin Barrett, Aubane, c/o Chloe, E. Coakley, Rathmore,c/o Lehane and Robert. Peadar O’Tuama, c/o The Clara Inn, Jerry Heinekin Keale, c/o The Clara Inn, & Frank Kelleher Lackabawn. c/o The Bush Bar. Jackpot next week €20.000.  Next draw will take place on June 12.

Sinn a bfuil a cairde.  Slán.


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