Meet Jane Tyre – Senior Project Engineer in Medical Devices

Reminder for this coming a Friday May 06th @8pm. My next Live is coming soon!!! 🥳🥳 Meet Jane Tyre. Senior Project Engineer in Medical Devices. Jane , like many of us at 17/18 years old, didn’t know what she wanted to do as a career and did a lot of homework in implementing a process of elimination strategy to find her career path. 🕵️ 🔍 She studied Bio Medical Engineering in Ulster University studying modules on CAD, physics, maths as well as other engineering modules. She had contributed to the design of devices for the early detection of prostate cancer and was involved in the chemistry behind ovulation trackers. She is currently working in medical device manufacturing. She is an advocate for women in engineering and has played a leading role in her company’s initiative in promoting women in engineering. 🦸 Jane is such an inspiration 💫 and a role model for young people and so chatty. I cannot wait to speak with her Friday! 😆 Please join us on Friday 06th May @8pm. Please DM me @northcorkcounselling on Instagram any questions you have for Jane. #engineering #womeninengineering #womenruletheworld #career #careergoals #college #careerchoice #thirdlevel #leavingcert #northcorkcounselling #northcork #counselling #adults #adolescents #teencounseling #teens #medicalengineering #medical #medicaldevice #instagramlive

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