Eily’s Report – 22nd February

Dia is Mhuire díobh go léir a chairde and welcome to my weekly Report.

Three hurricanes in one week was not an easy challenge but the Good Lord who calmed the seas brought us through them without too much disturbance. Goodness knows we had to batten down the hatches and take cover. But not everybody escapes un scathed some were without power while others got property damage. As a family we are most grateful that our members at Kilmeedy Castle escaped without injury when the mighty winds lifted the roof off one of the sheds and took it up on high landing it down with great force breaking their towing caravan which was parked in its path before taking a large bite out off their  back-kitchen roof. It happened at 7.30 am just as Jack was having a cup of coffee before going to work. Needless to say he got a great shock, the whole family did, but were grateful that he was still in situ to deal with the problem. Lucky for them that he had full access to the company building equipment and staff to do the necessary repairs. In a short length of time their cosy home was fixed again.

Where do the little birds go during these hurricanes? Looking out my window at them today they are out there at the feeder, not a feather out of place, full of life and playacting as though they had lived in ideal conditions  the whole time.  They never fail to cheer me up and even the humble crow draws my  attention when it comes to pick up the bits.  At the risk of boring you, I must mention my little violas in the pot outside my door following the week of hurricanes. They have held their impeccable stance with the poor primroses lying flat and rotting. The viola petals hold an upright shape giving heavy rains nowhere to lodge while to poor primula remain flat  giving the water a place to rest and do damage. The lovely  Cyclamen with its upright petals is also a good fighter in rainy times.

We were saddened on Sunday when Sean Radley told his listeners that he will not be with us for some time to come. He is booked go into hospital on March 2nd for an operation which is relevant to the treatment he had four years ago. We are indeed sorely aggrieved to hear it and thank Sean for entrusting his situation with us so that we can keep him in our prayers at all times. Wish him God’s Blessing for a full recovery.

In his absence our website will be a much poorer place. However supporters and those who need to place items on line can still send their material to <email> where Hannelie and Michael will take care of it. Needless to say their workload will be much greater and we must all do our best to help them. Until the great Sean Radley returns.

le cúnamh Dé.

Our Active Retired Committee held the Annual General Meeting at the Canon O’Donovan Centre during the week. It was very well attended. Face masks were worn throughout the meeting. Up to 40 names and annual fees of  €20 were recorded  followed by a lively question and answer session. Many topics were discussed in relation to the program for the year ahead. At the election of officers the existing members were re-elected in block and received many compliments of their great work for our elderly community. They are chairperson, Mary McSweeney (Sheehan) Secretary, Mary Sheahan  and PRO Delores Goggin.  Sean Radley attended to take many photos of the gathering. Beautiful refreshments were then served in the next room, when masks were removed and the vast variety of bakes were thoroughly enjoyed. Again with Sean recording the happy gathering for the website and for posterity. We wish the committee every success in the months ahead as they make plans for bus tours and meals away from home, plus yoga, swimming, bingo, cards, organised walks, Masses and prayers.

More and more card games etc. are opening up in various places as time moves on, with  the outbreaks of covid are less frequent and with the likelihood of wearing masks being eased at social functions, bingo and pub functions are getting more numerous giving more hope for a safe return of normal living once again a two years break. It will take some time for people to trust the changes and be happy to take part. The weekly 45 Drives continue in Ballyday every Sunday night and in Millstreet on Tuesday nights, starting also in Cullen and Freemount. All all at 8.30. Look up the details.

I was watching a program on telly on Sunday night called ‘The Way we Were’  It was very interesting to hear the accounts given by people that we know on the screen over the years. Mike Murphy, Mary Kennedy late of Nationwide, Michael Harding and so on. They dealt at length with the status of women with the passage of time. How women had to give up work, the job, when they married and retired to being the little woman. Having the babies, rearing them and tending to himself, hand and foot. Going for walks in the park with the pram. I was a bit irked by it when I compared the married lives of farmers wives at that time. When a girl married a farmer,  her work doubled, especially in smaller places where hired help could not be afforded, it was the case of all hands on deck. A wife of the land not only did the housework, had the babies reared them, she had to be on every beck and call in the running of the family farm. Milking cows ,by hand before machines, rearing calves, pigs. Organising the hatching of  turkeys, chickens, and other fowl. Working in the fields  saving hay ,with the pram in the shelter of a hedge or bush nearby. While at the same time have breakfast, dinner and supper on the table at the proper time  And when somebody asked ‘where’s my shirt’ it had to be handed over washed and ironed to a crisp, same went for the boots they had to be in place, shining bright for the men of the house to step into. It was something that we did without complaint, never realised the slaves we were, until now.

The changes that came in our livelihoods as time went by were not always easy to adapt to. The milking machine came as a great boon, but with it came the new form of milk testing, and we had to learn how to keep the milking machine germ free it was a very time consuming task. All the bits had to be taken apart washed and put back before the next milking. After saving up , we were able to buy a second hand tractor in  1986 at Colemans for £560,00.   Power at last, but how to adapt to it had it’s own drawbacks. We soon discovered that to have a tractor we needed tractor implements to suit it  And until we had saved to buy them we had to make do with what we had. Trying to do the work with a tractor using  horse implements put strain on many a marriage, the wife at the wheel while he hitched the horse plough to the tractor. The noise of which did nothing for the communication between the two, so that when he shouted to lift, she might think it would be lower or the reverse, well you know. The pin of iron to join the plough to the tractor was deemed too strong as the implement would break before the iron peg. So a wooden peg was used and tried again. I  turned in at the headland and crept away in first gear, sort of happy with myself that I was hearing nothing from the man on the plough. On reaching the other end I looked back and to my horror saw a very angry Dan at the very other end. The peg broke as I started and his calling fell on deaf ears all the way. Oh the memories.

It’s amazing how  a program on tv can resurrect thoughts of long ago.

   Here are the results of this week’s lotto draw which was held on Sunday night. Numbers drawn were 1,4,9,10 and the Jackpot was not won. €100 went to James Moynihan,Scartaglin, The Seller was Noreen Tarrant and she got €50 sellers prize.  €50 went to Nora Dennehy, c/o Capabu. €20 each went to  Sheila Lane, c/o The Camogie Club, Rosie Linehan, c/o Tom Carroll, AnnMarie Helen and Katie c/o The Bush Bar, Jerry O’Sullivan, Keale, c/o The Clara Inn, Barry Murphy, c/o The Camogie Club,  K.M.S.&W c/o Colemans. Gobnait McSweeney, Carriginma, and John C Sheehan, Tullig, c/o Centra.

Next Draw February 27th. Jackpot €19.600.

All Roads lead to Cullen on Sunday next February 27th for the Millstreet Vintage Club Charity Tractor Run in Aid of Cullen National School,Register at Cullen School from 11.30am,Take Off 12 30pm Sharp,please support if you can,refreshments will be served.
Details Contact Dan O’Riordan on 087 2452569.

An important meeting about our St. Patrick’s Day parade was held during the week and the organisers want you to know that application forms for those intending to take part can be had on our website.

Agus sin a bhfuil a cairde, have a good week. Slán

7 thoughts on “Eily’s Report – 22nd February”

  1. We are thinking of you Sean and praying for a speedy recovery. We look forward to having you back on air in the near future. With love, Tommy & Breda Sheehan, Sydney

  2. Just wondering Eily was it in 1968 as opposed to 1986 ye bought that tractor? You wouldn’t get much for that kind of money, even back in ’86. If ye did get it in 86 twas some bargain…

  3. Best wishes from all at Shannacknuck for a speedy recovery Séan, we are looking forward to you gracing the airwaves again in the not too distant future.

    1. Jerry is right Eily ,Dan Buckley and Joe used to do our silage In the early 1970s with a Ford 4000 cutting. and a 3000 drawing I was backing up with a Dexta ,my father ,Frank O Riordan was levelling with a pike.Had forgotten about the timber peg pulling the plough that was standard at the time.

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