Biology & Chemistry revision classes

Hi everyone, please be advised of online class times and topics for next week:
Mon 13th Sept 8pm – 9pm BIOLOGY
Topic: Enzymes (Catabolic, Anabolic, pH, Temp & Heat Denaturation Expts including exam questions)
Thurs 16th Sept 8pm – 9pm CHEMISTRY
Topic: History of the Atom (Summary of major discoveries including exam questions)
Please note, first come first served basis up to max of 6 students. Email <email> to book.

Full info:
I am a teacher with 15 years experience in my subjects, and I am starting Leaving Cert online revision in Chemistry and Biology.
A mini topic will be covered in each subject per week, for an hour, via google meet. There will be a maximum of 6 students on the call, possibly less, giving students the opportunity to ask questions if they wish, or if they prefer, they can treat the call more like a lecture.
The mini topics will be exam focussed, so exam papers in whichever subject(s) you are doing are a must, as I will go through exam questions with you, and it would be useful for you to have the papers in front of you to follow along, make notes, highlight etc.
Any revision notes I use on the call will be shared with you via email, and a link for the call will be sent to you in advance. For some topics it may be necessary to draw diagrams or timelines with me, or carry out calculations so please have a notebook, pen, periodic table from your Science and Maths tables, calculator and highlighters to hand.
The topics will not be whole chapters at a time; for example some possible mini topics for Chemistry are:
pH calculations for strong and weak acid and bases
Nuclear equation calculations
Washing soda crystal titration calculations
Le Chatelier’s Principle calculations
Organic Chemistry naming system
Homologous series in organic chemistry one at a time
Difference between atomic orbitals, sub levels and main energy levels, and where is the nucleus in these diagrams?! etc. etc.
And for Biology:
Genetic crosses (5 types)
Ecology calculations
Nephron structure and function
The Heart structure and function
Energy carriers and Pathway 1 of Photosynthesis
Pathway 2 and dark stage of Photosynthesis
Aerobic Respiration glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle etc. etc.
The topic will be advertised in advance on the local FB Notice boards, and if it interests you, you can book your place on the call by emailing me at: <email>
You can pick and choose any mini topics that interest you or that you need a little revision on, and skip any that you are already confident on.
If there is an oversubscription for a topic, this topic can be repeated in a subsequent week, for those who did not get a place on the first call.
The cost is 20 euro per class, please keep an eye on this noticeboard for weekly topics.
Please feel free to share this post, especially with anyone not on FB.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to PM me. 🙂

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