Plans for the new Childrens Playground

Millstreet  Town Park Committee are pleased to share below the proposed plans for our next project a full refurbishment of our children’s playground (last overhauled over 25 years  ago) for the benefit of our  growing population of under twelves.

We want to bring our playground in line with the rest of our fantastic amenity and make it a fun, healthy, inclusive and safe place for all our little people.  This upgrade is set to cost approximately €120,000.   On average our yearly income for the total running of the   Town Park grounds is €15,000 (Local Lotto and club subs) with annual recurring costs of a minimum of €8000, on insurance, gym equipment maintenance and machine repair alone.

We have secured a grant of €14,000 from  Cork County Council, subject to completion of  the works, and are making progress on further funding.  However, we still face a significant shortfall.  We are therefore calling on all “Sraiders”, past and present, at home and away and all users of our fantastic Town Park,  to dig deep and make whatever financial contribution you can to support this  project.


If you wish to make a contribution you may:
(i) lodge directly online to Millstreet Town Park Committee back account at IBAN: IE61 BOFI 9058 0332 1050 69, BIC:BOFIIE2D, or
(ii) send a cheque payable to ” Millstreet Town Park Committee” care of FÁS Offices, Millstreet Community Gym,  Millstreet.

We will also shortly be appealing to the local businesses  in Millstreet for assistance with the financing of this project.  With help from right across our community we hope to get this refurbishment underway.

If you wish to confirm your contribution and  share your story of growing  up down the Lawn we would be delighted to hear from you at  <>

Finally, without  the  additional financial support from you,  the  people of Millstreet, we fear for the future viability of the playground in its current condition for the children of Millstreet – the future of our community.

Thank you
Millstreet Town Park Committee
Chairman Denis  Twomey, Secretary Denis Hickey, Treasurer Geraldine O’Leary

3 thoughts on “Plans for the new Childrens Playground”

  1. Thank you, it will be great for our children.I would like to make a suggestion to Millstreet C. C.
    While a parent would never let their children unsupervised.As my children get older, I often think that it would be great if there were a few exercise machines near the gate. Everyone gets exercise then. Healthy family

  2. I feel the contribution of 14,000 Euro from Cork County Council (subject to completion of works) is a pittance towards the new park & the people of Millstreet deserve better than a pittance.

    As a criteria to obtain planning permission for new dwellings, Cork County Council demand applicants to pay significant amounts of money to be used toward infrastructure in the area (amenities such as parks/playgrounds). Over a decade ago I contributed 8,700 Euro to Cork County Council prior to constructing my home in Millstreet (as have plenty more “Sraiders”).

    So the expectation that the people of Millstreet should have to contribute so heavily seems unfair, funding the vast majority of the total cost.

  3. I was delighted to see the proposed plan for the complete refurbishment of Millstreet park. You mention that you want to bring the playground in line with the rest of the fantastic amenities.
    I do think it is a missed opportunity now not to bring the playground in line with other local modern playgrounds. A zip wire is an important attraction in a modern playground and we drive to boherbue to enjoy their refurbished park and zip wire. It would be nice to have one in our local playground especially when so much money is being spent.

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