Video: Industry in Millstreet 1987

The RTÉ Archives have recently added a new video titled “Industry in Millstreet 1987“. It was a dark time for the town after Apple Computers had left Millstreet in 1985, leaving us with high unemployment, and the Community Council were trying to encourage businesses back into Millstreet. There are interviews with the late Ken Brennan and Sgt. Seán O’Sullivan, as well as clips from around town. Click here to watch the video. Also below are some images from the video, with lots of locals recognisable:

“Millstreet in County Cork has high unemployment, but locals plan to help themselves to beat the recession. 
Report shows exterior of Apple Computer Plant at Millstreet.
Interview with Ken Brennan, Principal of community school.
Millstreet and the Molex high technology plant.
Interview with Seán O’Sullivan, Community Council.
Soft toys and jackets in Falcon Fashions factory and the factory floor.
Children leaving the local school.
The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.”


Sgt. Seán O’Sullivan:Ken Brennan:

The empty Apple factory:

In the Square:

Molex Factory:


Clara Toys / Celtic Toys / Falcon Fashion

Community School Students:

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  1. Excellent archival footage from RTÉ narrated by Tom McSweeney. Special memories of the late Ken D. Brennan and the late Sgt. Seán O’Sullivan promoting Millstreet in such a positive manner. And Millstreet Community School Students of some 32 years ago further enhancing the uplifting image of the area. The importance of Clara Toy Factory at Pound Hill is well enphasised in the treasured film footage of Millstreet Town. Sincere thanks to Michael (Administrator) for accessing and sharing such a pictorial/video gem.

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