We Should Commemorate the Attack on the Carnegie Hall

The 4th of January 1923 in Irish local history was the day of the Attack on the Carnegie Hall by Anti-Treaty fighters from Cork and Kerry IRA units, under Tom Barry.

I want to stand on my “soapbox” for a minute and say my piece. Listen or keep scrolling it’s a free country 🙂

Leave the past in the past were it belongs! Come together to commemorate this part of our history, say a few prayers, shake hands and move on with our lives.
In today’s society where there’s a celebration, a parade, a speech (which is right too) for a lot of stuff, and yet not even a prayer said on site yesterday to commemorate what happened. I think it’s very wrong.
The 100th year anniversary is coming up. I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to put a plaque up on the building, have a little unveiling, and say a few prayers for the souls of the people on both sides! Advertise it and if just 5 people come or 500, let the plaque be there for ever more so people can come when ever they want to themselves!
We said it to the council yesterday and they agreed with us!
Whether it will happen now is another story. I think it should.

4 thoughts on “We Should Commemorate the Attack on the Carnegie Hall”

  1. I would greatly value the opportunity to mark the occasion-say a prayer, acknowledge history, shake hands with all and move on in peace. Eilín Kiely

  2. Surely the 100th anniversary of this is nearly 5 years away and this event was at the end – not the beginning of the War of Independence. It would seem better to commemorate the events of that war chronologically as that would put all events in a proper perspective and help to a better understanding of them and how they evolved from one to another. It is a great story. Otherwise there is a danger of putting the cart before the horse. A very good start was made with the plaque to Patrick Pearse and I think we should follow on from that as a good template in commemorating important events.

  3. The Padraig Pearse Commemoration was nearly three years ago now. That was at a time when lots of things were begenning to happen. Would you have a quick list of which other local events should be commemorated chronologically ?

    * Killing of Michael Dineen (commemorated)
    * Drishane / rathcoole / clonbanin / nadd ambushes (commemorated)
    * Cornelius Murphy (commemorated)
    * the events of the bank robbery
    * death of Paddy McCarthy (commemorated)
    * Liam Lynch’s time in Millstreet

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