Jeremiah Murphy – 1950s Photo

This is a picture of my uncle Jeremiah Murphy from Prohus, Rathcoole,  on the right with the trowel, RIP 1993. Does anyone know the other man on the left? – Paddy Sullivan.
Solved: the man on the left is Roger O’Brien of Rathcoole (see comments below for details) [fb]

5 thoughts on “Jeremiah Murphy – 1950s Photo”

  1. Hi there. Forwarded this to my Uncle DC O’Sullivan of Rathcoole who discussed it with Mick Byrnes of Knockcahill and have mentioned that the man on the left is Roger O’Brien of Rathcoole (just outside the village on the Millstreet road).

  2. Yes i often heard “roger o brien mentioned long ago my mother (julia 89 now) jerimiahs sister is still living and my uncle “the garry”..his brother is living in Tralee

  3. If my memory is correct “Roger” died suddenly in Jeremiah’s house … where he is working in picture.

  4. A great family..I remember Gary’s VW! And Jerh had a tractor (MF?). Also their sister Eily & husband Jerh..ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís. Roger O’Brien was an accomplished musician & his wife (Mary?) was lovely. Thanks for the nice memories.

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