Drishane Garden Fête 1988

With the Drishane Garden Fête on next Sunday, archived photos from the Millstreet Museum collection of the Garden Fête 1988 had the cobwebs wiped off them and were scanned in to give an idea of what was happening back then. All the photos are below.

Other posts on the upcoming Garden Fête: A letter from the organisers, Festival Poster. See also below the comment from Sean Radley (curator of Millstreet Museum) for what they are doing at the Fête.

We don’t know all the names appreciate but would appreciate a help with the missing names

Tommy O’Connor, Paddy O’Shea, John Enright, Jim Dunne, William Dunne

Jerry Doody – “You must be in to Win” Padraig O’Driscoll, Liam Coffey, Frank Kirke, William McSweeney

Peter Lawlor, Martin Corcoran, Fr Seamus O’Connell, Donal Cowman
Dan Duggan, Jerome O’Hare, Billy O’Leary, Liam O’Driscoll, John Corcoran

Joe & Mike O’Connor, Fr. Dermot Nash, Sr. Colette, Fr. Kevin Mulcahy, Peter Lawlor

Liam O’Driscoll and Neily Dennehy manning one of the attractions

Denis Lane, Seán Kiely, Sean O’RiordanDan Kelleher (Finanefield, Kilcorney), Davy Tarrant, Seán Sheehan and Paddy Cronin at the Front Lodge of Drishane
Millstreet Pipe BandVintage Cars, with Bishop Diarmuid O’Sullivan on the left looking in the direction of the camera (He grew up only a mile away at Coole)

??, Dinny Lane, Joe O’Connor, his brother Kieran, ???

Billy Coleman’s Trophies. Dominic Cronin (?), John Coleman, Michael Twohig and his son, John

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  1. Further captions for Drishane Garden Fete 1988 kindly identified by Eileen Cotter who worked in Drishane for eleven years:Image 5: Joe & Michael O’Connor,Fr. Dermot Nash, Sr. Colette, Fr. Kevin Mulcahy and Peter Lawlor.Image 12:  Pádraig O’Driscoll, Frank Kirke and William McSweeney with Liam Coffey at back.Image 14:  Please note Bishop Diarmaid O’Sullivan looking in the direction of the camera.Image 21:  Liam O’Driscoll and Neily Dennehy.We thank Eileen for helping us to complete the captioning of the pictures.  These photos represent just a selection of the many images we have recorded at various Drishane Garden Fetes over the years.   We hope to add to our archive with the wonderful Drishane Fete for Baby Jacob on Sunday, 30th May 2010.   Subsequently, they will be available for viewing at our nearly restored Museum in time to come.   A chart of these images above will be on view at the Photographic Exhibition in the exquisite Drishane Chapel on this Sunday.   Geraldine Dennehy and I hope to incorporate various audio-visual presentations at the Exhibition in a setting which has been superbly prepared by Thomas Duggan and his splendidly dedicated Team.  We compliment Michael (on our website) for uploading such precious and special memories.  Every success to All involved on Sunday…Seán Radley, Curator, Millstreet Museum.

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