LTV2 Programme 192

LTV2 Programme 192 – aired on 24th November 2011, containing the following items:
00:00-01:33 Intro Music.
01:34-03:39 Song from The Diamond Sisters
03:40-10:58 Programme Intro
10:59-16:20 Eily Buckleys Regional Report
16:25-19:40 Mary and Seanie in Studio
19:45-22:25 Peter Lane at Laharn Cross
22:30-25:17 Brendan Murphy and JerryO`Riordan in Studio
25:18-30:50 Footage of Big Truck and Load going Through Millstreet Town
30:52-33:25 Song from Johnny Bremner
33:26-36:35 Song from The OC Trio
36:40-51:29 2011 Mass from St Johns Well
51:30-58:32 Bernard Crowley and Sean Radley in Studio
58:35-01:18:48 2011 Banna Rally-ProgrammeEnd

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