Grateful that my Parents came to America … from Millstreet

Michael Dennehy is a columnist with with the online newspaper week he writes on immigration, and what a contentious issue it is in America at the moment, but he is glad for it in a way because he would never be there himself if his granddad hadn’t emigrated from Millstreet to the USA:

Me Grandad Dennis Dennehy” was born in Millstreet Town, County Cork, Ireland. I have never been there. My brother Brian has on a number of occasions. Millstreet Town has a population of 1,500. It is mostly a farming community situated at the foot of Clara Mountain. It’s a family joke that Grandad Dennis would always brag that we came from “Kings of Ireland.” Brian, on one of his trips there searched the Dennehy castle only to find a small, ancient cottage.

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  1. My great grandfather was from Millstreet. In 1994, my brothrs, wives and cousin and myself with husband spent a week in Ireland. We met the owner of the arena where River dance was performing. He said that Dennehy, Danahy and Denahi(sp?)were the same family. My descendent’s name was Michael Danahy.We are related to Connie McGilicuddy(sp) or Connie Mack from the Philidelphia baseball team .

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