Derinagree NS at Roddy Doyle’s FIGHTING WORDS Workshop

2015-09-25 Derinagree NS at Fighting Words Bookshop in Dublin for a creative writing workshop__rszSenior classes in Derinagree NS were invited to a creative writing workshop at Fighting Words in Dublin last Friday Sept 25th. They had a wonderful experience & returned home eager to put pen to paper!
Fighting Words was established by Roddy Doyle & Sean Love. Roddy wasn’t there on the day of our visit, but the organisers kindly agreed to ask him (nicely) to sign the books we hauled to Dublin!!
The rest of the glorioius day was spent walking the streets of our capital city, feeling proud of the Radley family’s majestic Spire, soaking up the history surrounding us as we passed the Half-Penny bridge, climbed the steps to the Papal Cross, admired The Aras & The American Ambassador’s residence & stopped for a picnic in Merrion Square. Whilst there we briefly rested in Dermot Morgan’s chair, admired the great Oscar Wilde relaxing on a rock. Refuelled & ready for more, we ventured forth to discover some amazing facts about our National Treasures that are the Tara Brooch, The Ardagh Chalice, The Bog Bodies & The Dead Zoo!!
Without doubt… was one great day to remember!

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  1. The next Fighting Words trip on board the Cinemobile is scheduled for the week of October 12th in Millstreet, Co. Cork.

    We URGENTLY need tutors and illustrators – for the week or even just a day or two. We will deliver four days of primary and secondary school workshops. Fun guaranteed!

    All travel expenses covered and a daily stipend for meals provided.

    Contact Sara AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you can be part of the team!

    from the Fighting Words page.

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