James O’Mahony, Mill Lane – Death of an old Millstreet Fenian (April 1916)

1916-04-24 Death of an old Millstreet Fenian 01 1916-04-24 Death of an old Millstreet Fenian 02

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– from the Cork Examiner April 1914 (the article is transcribed below)


He is listed as having been in prison a number of times as a result of his Fenian involvement (more to be added as we come across them)

  1. 1867: Mahony, James Millstreet (arrested 19/3/1867) (remanded 27/3/1867) (bailed 3/4/1867)
  2. 1881: Limerick Prison – James O’Mahoney, Millstreet, Shoemaker. Imprisoned under the Protection of Person and Property Act 1881, published as a supplement to United Ireland, 10th Sept 1881. One of five Millstreet men in prison for the same reason at that time.


1867-marriage-of-james-mahony-and-mary-riordan-011867-marriage-of-james-mahony-and-mary-riordan-02 James Mahony from Millstreet and Maria Riordan from Mushera were married on July 16th 1867 [parish register] [original parish register (above)]. (Their parents were Daniel Mahony + H Keliher, and Dermot Riordan + M Keliher). They had a family of at least ten children who were:


1901 Census: Residents of House 15 in Lower Mill Lane (Coomlogane, Cork) [ref: 1901 Census – National Archives]

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion Birthplace Occupation Literacy Irish Language Marital Status Specified Illnesses
Mahony James 60 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic Co Cork Shoe Maker Read only Irish and English Married
Mahony Mary 53 Female Wife Roman Catholic Co Cork House Keeper Read and write Irish and English Married
Mahony James 18 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Cork Assistant Post Man Read and write Not Married
Mahony John 16 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Cork Wood Man Read and write Not Married
Mahony Michael 12 Male Son Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read and write Not Married
Mahony Maggie 10 Female Daughter Roman Catholic Co Cork Scholar Read and write

In the 1911 Census they seemm to have moved to Upper Mill Lane [ref: 1911 Census] The census also says that they had 10 children, of which 9 were surviving. I’m pretty sure that it was Anne that died as an infant.

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion Birthplace Occupation
Mahoney James 73 Male Head of Family R Catholic Ireland Shoemaker
Mahoney Mary 67 Female Wife R Catholic Cork
Mahoney Jeremiah 39 Male Son R Catholic General Labourer
Mahoney Mary 28 Female Daughter R Catholic General Servant Domestic
Mahoney Margaret 20 Female Daughter R Catholic General Servant Domestic


1916-04-14-death-of-james-omahoney-mill-lane14th April 1915 Mill Lane Millstreet, James O’Mahony, male married, 75 years, Shoemaker, vascular disease 2 years Angina Pectoris 3 days certified, Mary O’Mahony Widow of deceased present at the death Mill Lane Millstreet, registered on the 25th April 1916 by Richard Radley Leader [ref: Civil Death Register]

1930-06-03-death-of-mary-mahony1930-06-03 Death of Mary Mahony, the wife of James



TODO: His sons Jeremiah and Michael took part in WWI – add  links to the articles on them when published


This is the transcription of the newspaper article from 1916


There passed away at his residence in MillStreet, after a short illness and at a ripe old age, a well-known, a trusted and respected member of the Old Guard, in the person of Mr. James O’Mahony. He bore a prominent part in the stirring days of the Fenian brotherhood, and served a period of imprisonment in Mountjoy. He was a personal friend of Stephen Joseph Meaney, and was a trusted and confidential lieutenant of Captain Deasy, of Manchester fame, on his various visits to the South. He was employed in bearing confidential despatches to Captain O’Meagher Condon in Macroom, and was with Lieutenant Nolan on the night of the rising. The same urtarnislied loyally and unbending fidelity to Ireland that he displayed in his younger days, he maintained all through his long career, and he was taken up under Foster’s Suspect Act, and spent six months in Limerick Gaol. With that intuitve devotion to the cause conspicuous in the men of the Old Guard , he gave to overy steeding movement, for the betterment of his countrymen a loyal, unswerving and consistent support, and bore to his grave the genuine respect of all classes in the community. Two of his sons, Messrs Jeremiah and Michael O’Mahony are at present serving with the webours (???)

On Sunday the remains were removed to the family burial ground from St. Patrick’s Parish Church where they  had rested overnight. The extremely large concourse that accompanied the remains testified to the esteem in which the deceased was held. The last prayers at the graveside were recired by the Rev. J Casey CC, Millstreet. THe chief mourners were – Mrs O’Mahony (widow), Mr James O’Mahony (son), Mr Jas O’Mahony, Mr J O’Mahony, Mr D.McCarthy, Mr P. McCarthy, Mr M.O’Riordan (cousins).
Amongest the general public  present were – De R.R Leader, J.P. Westbourne, Millstreet; Messrs C. O’Callaghan, J.P. MCC, Altamount House; C. D. Crowley, J.P., the Rectory House; D. Linehan, J.P. MCC; D.Tagney, J.P.; J.D O’Sullivan, J.P. R.D.C. Clara, J.D. Crowley, Wallstown Castle; D.Enright, LPSI; JP Hegarty, JP; J Howard, Assistant County Surveyor; JS O’Connor, Clerk Rural District Council; JJ Murphy, Master of Millstreet Union; CC Crowley Auctioneer; D McCarthy, Cattle dealer, Macroom; P O’Brien, do; P McCarthy, RT Pomeroy, CPS; P O’Riordan, Tullig House; JJ Pomeroy, MRCVS, Millstreet; W.O’Riordan, VT; M Murphy, NT; J Kellener, NT; JD Dennehy, NT; J Doherty, NT; JM Twomey, RDC; J Buckley, RDC; J.Potts, Sergeant Mulcahy, MJ Corkery, Mallow; J McCarthy, Drishane Castle; P Doherty, NT; JJ Nicholson, NT; MJ Buckley, NT; T Corcoran; NT; M Ryan, MJ Flavin, PJ Corkery, TJ Griffin, JD Murphy, JJ O’Riordan, R Justice, J O’Shea, DD Kiely, J.Ring, CC O’Connor, D O’Mahony, D Kelleher, J Harding, J Daly, DC Crowley, J O’Sullivan, JP Buckley, AJ hickey, J Nicholson, MJ Moynihan, John O’Sullivan, T Murphy, M O’Riordan, M Buckley, C Kelleher, R Barrett, CJ  Cronin, DP Buckley, TJ O’Sullivan, MJ Dennehy, MJ Murphy, B Murray, J O’Riordan, J Cooper, BB Crowley, T O’Connell, TF Hickey, P Cronin, JO’Reilly, M.Browne, P. Moynihan, T Hennessy, D Dennehy, P Murphy, J Murphy, F O’Shea, J Lehane, A Duggan, JF O’Connor, TM Murphy, D Kelleher, JR Justice, J O’Connor, J O’Mahony, J Radley, T Cronin, P O’Sullivan, D Moynihan, D O’Leary, Miss Dennehy, postmistress; Miss Andreue, Miss Murphy, Miss O’Riordan, Miss Crowley, Miss O’Callaghan, Miss Dennehy, Mrs O’Keeffe, Mrs, Buckley, Miss O’Sullivan, Miss Cronin, Mrs Dennehy, Miss Moynihan, Miss Duggan, Miss Casey, Mrs Murphy, Miss O’Mahony, Mrs Corkery, Miss Ciss Crowley, Mrs Daly, Mrs O’Mahony, Miss Kelleher, Miss Creedon, Mrs JJ Corkery, Miss Ring, Mrs O’Riordan, Miss Corkery, Mrs Pomeroy, Miss O’Connor, Miss Murphy, Mrs O’Shea, Miss Moynihan, T Daly, Tullig; H O’Donoghue, Aubane; D Kelleher, do; JD O’Mahony, Cockhill; PJ Kelleher, do; P Lucey, do; J Meany, do; P Kelleher, Dooneen, J Doody, do; C Buckley do; J Murphy, do; JF O’Sullivan, Liscreagh; C O’Connor, do; T O’Sullivan, do; D Corkery, Shanknuck; M Fitzpatrick, Annagloor; J Corkery, do; P Cronin, do; JA O’Sullivan, do; T O’Connell, Feirm; P Dennehy, do; PJ Cashman, Clarahatlea; D Duggan, do; M Looney, do; DD O’Sullivan, do; C O’Regan, do; J O’Sullivan, do; T Corkery, Dirreen; JJ Murphy, Claramore; M Moynihan, do; DD Murphy, do; JM Murphy, do; D Kiely, do; J Cashman, do; JJ Corkery Coomlogane; DJ Murphy, do; D Corkery, do; D Kelleher, do; E O’Sullivan, do; CJ O’Callaghan, Liscahane; T COrkery, do; D O’Sullivan, do; T KElleher, do; B O’Mahony, Cloghoula; W Fitzgerald, do; DD Dennehy, do; D O’Hare, do; J Corkery, Clarabeg; TC Murphy, do; T Herlihy, do; D Buckley, Coolnarney; P Murphy, do; P Corcoran, Coolekeerane; etc etc;


At a special meeting of the Millstreet Division, of the AOH held in the Hibernian Hall, the following resolution was passed in silence, all the members standing as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased :- ‘That we deeply regret the death of Mr. James O’Mahony, a very popular and highly esteemed member of this society, and that we tender to Mrs. O’Mahony and family our sincerest sympathy in their sad bereavemnet.”

The AOH Hibernian Hall was located at Minor Row, where the road into SuperValu is now located.


– It’s interesting that J McCarthy’s address is given as Drishane Castle (update 7th Aug: this is a different McCarthy to that of the castle, he was the farm stewart (farm manager) for the nuns in drishane. He was originally from Cork. Other stewarts in Drishane were Mick McCarthy, Johnny Hayes, others, and the last one was Liam Flynn (thanks to tadgh for this info))


This information about him probably when he was a fenian

Particulars relative to convict Jeremiah Mahoney 734

  • Age on conviction: 23
  • Read and write: Read
  • Religion: RC
  • Married or Single: Single
  • Trade or calling: Shoemaker
  • Where born: Millstreet, Co.Cork
  • Where resident before conviction: do
  • Where his friends reside: do
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Eyebrows: Fair
  • Nose: Regular
  • ???? : do
  • Complexion: fresh, freckled
  • Face: oval
  • Build: stout
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Marks on person: cut marks on right eyebrow

At age 23, that would have made it about 1863 … of course it could easily have been 1867.

note: there is also a photo of him when he was imprisoned as a Fenian


NOTE: TODO: When this article was written first, it was believed that James O’Mahony was of the Hardware shop at West End. This was incorrect!!!! He was from Mill Lane and not West End.

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  1. A very interesting item. More information on James O’Mahony would be very useful. It is also interesting that Sean Riobaird O Suilleabhain (the Bard) is not included though a contemporary and as well known as O’Mahony. Perhaps this reflects the divide with between the AOH (the Molly Maguires) and the All for Ireland League (O’Brienites) as O’Mahony seems to have been associated with the former.

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