Sean Radley Interview with Country and Western Promoters Phil Mack and Lisa Stanley

Sean Radley recently caught up with Country and Western Promoter Phil Mack along with Singer and Presenter Lisa Stanley in Killarney earlier in The Year, Phil Mack promotes big Country Music Shows all over the UK and Ireland and has a big weekend coming up in Killarney at The Glen Eagle Hotel from Friday Sept 26 to Sunday Sept 28 with many Big Artists attending in what promises to be a great weekend of Entertainment.

You can also catch up with The Phil Mack Show on Sky Channels 191 and 192

Thanks to Seamus O`Donnell for the Video footage

2 thoughts on “Sean Radley Interview with Country and Western Promoters Phil Mack and Lisa Stanley”

  1. Well done Sean Radley for the lovely interview with Phil Mac and Lisa Stanley. I first met Phil in the late sixties in London when I joined his group as a drummer and accordionist The group was ‘The Untouchables’ and Phil was the lead singer. His parents were both from Co Donegal. We have remained close friends since those great days and his band played at our wedding in 1972. I’m pleased to say that he and his Mayo born wife Bridget will be coming to Wexford on Oct 10th to attend our son Ronan’s wedding. We have a lot of catching up to do. Regards to you all – Kevin McDermott, Wexford.

    1. Thanks a million Kevin. Phil is such a true gentleman and Lisa a real lady. It was their very obliging cameraman, Séamus, who, at the request of William Fitzgerald, filmed the interview for our local television. Great to learn of the fact that you were in a Band with Phil. Please extend our very best wishes to Phil and his wife when they will meet you all at the Wedding in October. We all recall your magnificent accordion music when you played with the late John “Sing” O’ Sullivan and the late Jerry Kavanagh in McCarthy’s Bar at The Square, Millstreet.

      Jerry Kavanagh playing the fiddle, Kevin McDermott playing accordion, and watched by Paddy Cronin and Eugene (Genie) Cronin (1975)

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